The Mumbai terrorist attacks – a short film by PC Michael Pinkstone

February 17, 2009

I am grateful to the great PC Pinkstone for this wonderful tribute honouring those that lost there lives in the Mumbai terrorist attacks in 2008. The production of this You Tube video could not have come at a better time. The questions that followed yesterdays Dispatches programme are relevant now. Are we inadvertently supporting the funding of “radical” organisations? Are we consulting with individuals who are themselves radical? And if so, what is the purpose of giving power to those that hide behind extremist views?

I have always said there is a fine line between practising one’s own culture or faith and discriminating against others. I have said all along we cannot fear terrorism, we must tackle terrorism with a variety of tools, head on where necessary, and we must also tackle those that do not want to harmonise cohesion. Without integration and with a pursuit of individual identities there will always be a level of racism or terror; but if we are one, then we might not kill each other.



  1. […] The Mumbai terrorist attacks – a short film by PC Michael … […]

  2. We were talking about the Mumbai attacks the other day. Imagine 10 men on Oxford street in main shopping hours with automatic weapons and plenty of ammo. With maybe half a dozen ranger or trojan units around 5-10 minutes away and a number of unarmed officers on foot in the area it would be a bloodbath on unimaginable proportion, even if the AFO’s went straight to scene and self deployed instead of going to an RVP as per sop’s, they’d be screwed if so much as a stray shot went in the wrong place. We have absolutely no capability to deal with a situation like that and the fact that the Police over there tried to fight back with what little they had and get control relatively quickly is very admirable indeed.

  3. The fact that you thought about this MCM means you care also.

    And if this had happened on Oxford Street even with self arming there would have been a bloodbath.

    We have to now focus on what causes this level of hatred and Dispatches highlighted where society is going wrong.

    I would never support any funding of any radical extremist group, but it would appear govt depts have funded such groups.

    It’s time to say, “no more.”

    As police officer’s we all bleed blue……….MCM.

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