Attitude doesn’t suit the public…does it?

February 23, 2009

It was only last week in the centre of London whilst off duty that I stumbled across a Honda Accord, green in colour, being parked on a High Street. Behind it a White Transit Van, behind that a double decker. In my own way I kindly requested the driver, a young Asian male, to move the car as he was causing an obstruction. His response, he was unloading. We then proceeded with a discussion through my driver’s side window and he continued to deny causing an obstruction but accused the bus driver behind him of doing so.

At this point I became a little perturbed, when he suggested I become a traffic warden. The silly idiot I thought. Of course I wanted to step out, show him my picture and politely advise him to walk forth, delivery or no delivery, loading or not….The arrogance of this man was unashamed….The thought of it. I don’t think he would have taken kindly to me detaining him, and taking possession of his car to move it so that it wasn’t causing the obstruction at a BUSY time  DURING RUSH HOUR on a main road. 

Alas we come across buffoons all the time, in and out of uniform for there’s just so much we can deal with. I wonder how many time others have come across jobs and intervened? I guess a few. There have been a good few occasions for me, serious RTC’s, the odd drunken collapsed female who then begins to swear at you for helping her, even a knife wielding 6’2″ male and an altercation between driver’s. But it was the traffic warden comment I didn’t like. Anyway may his God bring a few tickets upon this attitudinal young man in the months to come. Just a minute away I was to meet another type of attitude but that’s another story.



  1. One of the (apparently many) things I dislike are car drivers who park in bus stop laybys, exit the car and do a bit of shopping. Not only is this anti-social but it causes the bus driver to stop in the street resulting in – yes you’ve guessed it – a complete halt to the traffic.

    A couple of years ago, I was stood at a bus stop when Anti-Social Sam drove in and stopped the car. Quick as a flash, a rather well built young man, who I learned later plays rugby for the local team, got in the car, left his door open and pronounced loudly, “Return ticket to town centre please and you’re gonna have to move these seats if you want to get more people in.” The image on the face of ASS was priceless and after asking the male to get out, he drove off. I haven’t seen that car since.

  2. I certainly agree that a good portion of the public’s attitude needs adjusting! I was on planes and in airports all weekend, and I must say, it’s highly noticeable there too! But traffic tends to bring out the worst in people. Hope you have a good week!

  3. Anti Social Sam? Nice one.

    Tanya – Sadly we deal with quite a few anti social Sam’s as my colleague above suggests.

    Hope you are both well.

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