After meeting the man who had stopped the traffic……..

February 24, 2009

I was faced with yet another challenge. All I could hear was “nee naw, nee naw.” And thanks to nutcase who had blocked the traffic, “nee naw” had to then negotiate a jam and then face me. I had nowhere to go as the big police vehicle was heading head on towards me. We both stopped.

The driver, the big bloke, was someone I would quite happily have on my shift. Just a few minutes earlier an unmarked car had gone past at speed. The big man looked at me, swore a little, I looked at him, but there was nowhere I could go quickly.

Mrs Twining, who is not used to swearing, was taken a back a little. And I thought to myself, that big police officer, and the way he reacted, they can’t have been chasing burglars; it could actually be an assistance call by the manner of driving I witnessed. Forgive and forget I say, forgive and forget. To Met Officer’s who see this big man around the NW6 area do say, “hello” and explain that I do understand. Ciao.


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