A sad day for International Cricket: A wake up for policing terror: 03/03/09 Pakistan

March 4, 2009

Pakistani police officers gather around the dead body of a police commando at the shooting site in Lahore, Pakistan.

I was on lates yesterday when two of my team mentioned the terrorist attack in Sri Lanka. I remember reading about it before coming into work but I didn’t initially take much notice. The lads told me that the Sri Lankan cricket team had been targeted, that 6 police officer’s escorting the team bus had been killed, and that several members of the national Sri Lankan team had been injured. For some reason at that moment I thought of Chaminder Vaas, Jayawardene and a bowler who has a wicket hairstyle. The Sri Lankans have brought a lot of fun and enjoyment to the cricket scene lately; and quality of the calibre of Murali is hard to find. I raise my glass to this team.

I thought quickly, could I check the web from work? And for what purpose? Then I thought, well it affects the community, we police the community, and there is an impact on the BPA; so I had a look at the home page of BBC quickly. Why on earth do we have to worry if we are checking the news with good reason? Thankfully there were no reported tensions between the Muslim community and the Asian or wider community as far as I am aware.

In one fell swoop these terrorists could have taken out a whole team. This terrorism is now extending to sporting events and this must send a clear warning signal to us. How sad? Early indications are that this attack mirror images the Mumbai attack in November last year. Pakistan, like any country, may only take action, when things begin to happen on their own land, but for this Pakistan must take some accountability. If they do little then perhaps an international ban to sporting events in Pakistan might change things. Of course I am not saying that the Pakistani national teams should be banned from playing abroad.  6 police officer’s are murdered and we all bleed blue.

I might remind everyone of a comment made by Met County Mounty in relation to Mumbai: “We were talking about the Mumbai attacks the other day. Imagine 10 men on Oxford street in main shopping hours with automatic weapons and plenty of ammo. With maybe half a dozen ranger or trojan units around 5-10 minutes away and a number of unarmed officers on foot in the area it would be a bloodbath on unimaginable proportion, even if the AFO’s went straight to scene and self deployed instead of going to an RVP as per sop’s, they’d be screwed if so much as a stray shot went in the wrong place. We have absolutely no capability to deal with a situation like that and the fact that the Police over there tried to fight back with what little they had and get control relatively quickly is very admirable indeed.”



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  2. To be honest though, even in the USA, they’d be hard pressed to deal with it till SWAT got there, and even then… (eg FBI Miami and North Hollywood shootouts)

    In many respects, when it gets to the stage of people equipped with fully auto weapons, intent on killing, it’s not a policing matter.

  3. The only way for the police to effectively deal with that sort of thing would be a fully armed police force (obvious issues here I know) in the right place at the right time, but even then they’d only be carrying a glock automatics or similar and with limited ammunition and no pasgt helmets/ ballistic armour etc they would be hard pressed to do much except buy time till CO19 arrived.

    I guess ultimately I agree with gaijin that when we move from armed criminals to ‘professional’ terrorist cells with fully automatic rifles and support weapons like rpg’s it stops being a police matter, it becomes a matter for the army. Jankels are all very well but I think I’d rather be in something with a gun on the top…however bad it looks in the papers.

  4. This has got to be bad for Pakistan’s image around the world.

  5. What was sad, was the meeja, when reporting this, in some reports failed to mention the policemen that lost their lives, or only as an aside at the end.

    Again, defence against such attacks is next to impossible, without extremely good intelligence or extremely good luck. Armed police are not a good solution, even trained infantry would have difficulty against such attacks, especially as the attackers are not worried about collateral damage and probably don’t care if they are killed.

  6. I have got to agree with Gaijin. When they are armed and it was obviously planned down to the last detail nobody can stop them.
    A bloody shame but what I don’t understand is why.
    Why did they do it, what was the point in it?

  7. The point of it Annette is terror; it is about whatever they might feel, the grudges they hold with the Western world. It is about being heard. If people kill in the name of religion they have nothing to fear in their minds because they have justified the murder. This is what makes suicide attackers very very difficult to deal with.

  8. I don’t think their ‘grudge’ is limited to the Western world, but to anyone they disagree with. Look at Northern Pakistan today; and the genocidal campaigns in Afghanistan under the Taliban.

  9. Hi Twining!

    I think that we need to find out and publicise the history of Pakistan that’s really about democracy and not dynasties and support calmer and rational views of how that process can be achieved. We need to discuss Pakistan’s history more here in our media and educationally to normalise the ideals of democracy as our best future.

    I think your arguments are always well thought out (even when you’re stressed) and your point about having access to news in your organisation is really important.

    I could tell you were a bit stressed because when you’re stressed you forget. It’s about plurals. They don’t have apostrophes before the ‘s’. You know this ‘lates’ but then forget: ‘officer’s’, (belonging to the officer)rather than ‘officers'(more than one of them). Small point but forewarned is foreamed and it’s good collateral for your future works of thought!

    Kind regards


  10. Soapsoane, at every opportunity, if the powers to be could take our legs, they would. They simply want puppets not intelligent Black officers. Intelligent Black people get in their way; they ask questions. They don’t like questions.

  11. This blog is becoming very beautiful…but..’officers’…not officer’s!!!!!

  12. Its very bad, Pakistan had alread may problems. I dont think any team is likely to tour Pakistan in near future.

  13. Co19 could not deal with this type of attack as they use level 2 or 3 body armour and drive around in un-armoured bmw’s. They need at lest level 3a with level 4 hard plate (front & back) and euro b7 armoured vehicles, range rovers/bmw 750. Also g3 a3 and g36c machine guns in there cars also. As well as gas masks and other kit which they don’t have. Co19 arv/tsg could not deal!

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