Soldiers targeted by Muslim extremists in Luton will march again in Watford

March 11, 2009

My lot were talking about something at work; and they asked for my take on it. It was something to do with British soldiers returning home from active service and the reception they received from a minority of Islamic extremists on their fly by march in Luton. More of this story can be found on this link:


The fact is the reception by a few was hostile, aggressive and out of order but from what the link story advises there was not enough for any police action, and even if there was, I doubt we would have taken much action in the fear that community relation’s would be damaged.

The facts are: None of these extremists know that any of the soldiers are as they described them. The soldiers were doing their job; that is all and their job is to protect the interests of Britain and incidentally; to go into Iraq and Afghanistan and fight terrorists is no easy thing. Therefore the playground politics of Luton were simply unbelievable. Perhaps we should listen to what Shahid Malik has to say about this subject.

Perhaps the Muslim community must also tackle these extremists. I would also quite simply expect the Muslim Police Association and NBPA to come out and actually make a formal press release. Something like the following will do: “We condemn the behaviour of a minority of Islamic extremists in their treatment towards soldiers returning home from active duty.”

But I guess I will be very surprised if we hear anything soon from these organisation’s. No doubt there will be a few people from each organisation twitching in their seats. The message from the Twining Chronicles is clear, don’t twitch; do something, make the statement, condemn the behaviour of these activists.

I told my lot what I thought…….And when someone puts a placard up saying Anglican soldiers should go to hell, well it’s just silly, never mind where it leaves the Muslim soldier that serves in the British army. What a sad situation and how ignorant can the placard holders be? Condemn us all to further racist attacks, that’s all these placard will do as violent right wing extremists will not begin to differentiate between Hindu, Sikh, or the moderate law abiding Muslim person.



  1. The placard holders, and their ilk, would love it if there was a rise in racist attacks. Their aim is not peaceful co-existence or integration, but conflict and eventual domination, followed by even worse.

    I think we can take something positive from the small number of protesters – I’m sure 19 idiots can be drafted from any segment of society.

    Maybe we should put this guy onto them:


  2. It was noted that several of the ‘women’ amongst the Muslim protestors were taking photographs of the soldiers. I thought this Government had made it an offence to take photographs of soldiers or police officers? Why then was nothing done? I put the word ‘women’ in inverted commas I believe that several were actually men – take a look at their height, the width of their shoulders as well as the fact they were wearing trainers and Addidas tracksuit bottoms – items of clothing not normally allowed in the world of Islam.

    Also, the BNP must be rubbing their hands in glee at the opportunities for recruitment given to them by these idiots. There is no excuse for their actions and I refuse to believe that there were not enought grounds to arrest them. The old bill would be out soon enough if I were to parade outside a mosque carrying a placard stating thast Osama Bin Laden has sex with pigs – something I strongly believe he does and he can come to the High Court in London and sue me if he wishes.

  3. They should have been arrested for causing a disturbance, and then thrown in jail.

  4. I believe the police on the ground did the right thing, perhaps not by upholding the law by the letter, but by preventing a breach of the peace. If they had done what would have actually been correct and legal, it would have played straight into the arms of the BNP and the Islamist fundamentalists. Which is what both sides want. I hope that our intelligence services have got their beady eyes on these cretins, and I hope the police do a lot of stop and searches on them. As for the ones dressed as women, Islam doesn’t like Transsexuals, I believe they should be stoned. And that’s by their own perverted beliefs.

  5. All, there is alot of anger here, Tony, I think if there were men dressed as women I don’t think they were trans-sexuals; I guess they were trying to hide their identity. By all means stop individuals with a cause but not everyone. We cannot afford to be angry. Academic and practical solutions might be a way forward; and I am proud of the police’s behaviour in Luton. The big question is, should any of the protestor’s be prosecuted?

  6. You would not believe how hard it is to answer that question Twining. My first and natural answer is yes, and  they should be thrown into prison!But when I sat down and thought about it, I remembered when I was on those demos back in the 80’s. You cannot arrest someone for just being on a demo, only if they are violent or cause a disturbance. As you well know.

    In this country you have the right to demostrate whether we like it or not, thats the way it is, and thats the way it’s happened. However, like many, the only thing I feel against those particular demonstraters is anger. Pure and utter anger. They are demostrating against our soldiers, our brave soldiers.
    If Plodnomore is right, and I have no reason to disbelieve him, and they were taking photo’s then yes, they should have been arrested for that and the cameras taken from them. I don’t know if what I have said makes any sense or if anyone understands it, but at the moment all I feel is anger.

    I know a hell of a lot of others that feel the same anger as me. This is when problems might start with us retaliating against the protesters.

  7. My advice Annette, is stand firm, hold your ground, but don’t be angry. Anger causes retaliation and in anger sometimes really vulnerable people suffer, and they may have nothing to do with these politics. Stand firm just hold your ground….

  8. The prosecution aspect, let the CPS make that decision.

  9. “I am proud of the police behaviour in Luton”.

    Well now, that just about sums things up. So you are proud of the police for allowing these grossly insulting placards of the muslims, and arrests of the people who were offended by them!

    I do think you would change your mind if the insulting banners were being wielded by a right-wing organisation! ‘Nuff’ said, methinks!

  10. Dickie, let me explain, don’t make assumptions dear boy. Clearly you are seeking prosecutions. What I am saying is, we stood our ground and maintained peace. Like I said let the CPS decide whether there are any cases to answer. And actually I do find some of the placards offensive and hate led just as you do. Don’t shoot the messenger, damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Tea? Pepsi or beer?

  11. “..maintained the peace..” Really? Would you have maintained the peace in the same way had it been white, Christians or members of a right-wing organisation (perish the thought!) waving the offensive placards? methinks not!

    “..let the CPS decide..”? Really? You had no such thoughts when you arrested the offended bystanders! Quite clearly the police (you) are programmed to take action only against decent people.

  12. Like I said, there’s alot of anger, not much else.

    I would like to think I am able to decide what is decent and what is not. The decision to arrest in this case or not has come from much much higher up.

    Have you thought what unrest might have been caused across the country, or what colleagues would have been put in what danger through an over reaction?

    Do you want race riots?

    Like I said alot of anger, but why are you directing it at me? Guess tea is out of the question dear boy?

  13. Oh dear, I hope I haven’t started anything off with the comment I made earlier.

    You see, this is what I mean about anger, everybody is angry.

    Although I can now see what you mean about your standing ground and maintaining the peace.

    Treat them with contempt, utter contempt.

    Anyway, I’ll have a large bacardi and coke please. LOL.

  14. “…have you thought about what unrest might have been caused across the country…”

    My God, Twiners, can’t you see just how much unrest HAS been caused by police not arresting the criminal offenders, yet arresting the OFFENDED????
    Never mind the bloody tea, you should buy the beers!

  15. For the benefit of the tape, in my opinion, it was wrong to issue a FPN to an elderly man who confronted some of the protester’s.

  16. But, Oh! so predictable!

  17. Mine’s a Cobra!

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