The murder of Stephen Carroll – a hate crime?

March 14, 2009

I couldn’t write about this subject at the time the news was broken; it well, it was just too difficult a subject to breach then. I had thought the days of this hatred were over in Ireland, but this old type of terrorism is still around.

So now we are dealing with at least two terrorist factions both are set against Britain. In the case of the murders in Ireland the offender’s are targeting service and police personnel. The only question I have is, when will these type of murders against Britains be classed as hate/race crime?

Is being British or representing Britain not related to an ethnic group the majority of us aspire to belong to? Is this therefore not a racist murder? I understand PC Stephen Carroll was drawn into an area on a pretence of an incident and then fatally shot. There’s is nothing more one can say,  R.I.P. Police officer’s always bleed blue. 




  1. Why try to categorise this as some kind of hate crime? Why seek to bring ethnicity into it? See it for what it is – a cowardly murder by criminals who try to justify their acts.

  2. Ginger, are the perpetrator’s not targetting someone that stood for British values? It’s not about ethnicity or is it?

  3. What we’re dealing with here are criminal scumbags.

    They are only republican in name; using it as a cover for their criminal activities. the peace process has brought police normalisation up in the North. This normalisation has lead to greater co-operation between the police and civilians so now the criminals are worried because their shady business deals, intimidation, racketeering and protection ‘schemes’ would be uncovered.

    They have too much to lose when it comes to the peace process. So they’re stirring the shyte. The problem is, there’s too many impressionable youngsters, that are tricked into fighting for some ‘noble’ cause.

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