What’s equality between friends?

March 27, 2009


Now, I am not saying this has happened but what if it is happening. What if certain Muslim colleagues, not all Muslim colleagues, but a few, have been approached and advised to keep their heads down, get on  with the job, spend a few years at a low level and they will be promised major roles within anti terrorism. Hardly equality is it? Of course there would be no official record of such conversations because it’s dead against equality. 

Now, if this did take place, as a loose conversation between some Senior Officers and these low ranked officer’s, one begs the question, why? Is it because “the” senior officers fear terrorism and they want to keep the Muslim community by and large happy by sideways moving colleagues from that community? This shows change but not equality. Maybe.  

Is it because “the” senior officers see this as a way into the community? I doubt it because these colleagues would not have the “intelligence” as to who is on the Fringes of radicalisation. Tell me. If you were on the fringes and you knew a few police officers, would you go anywhere near them? Not likely.

So, why else would senior officers take this action. Perhaps it’s a mixture of everything. Well, those of my readers will have heard of the split between the MPA and BPA.  Giving some colleagues some benefit means that they may decide to sell out in the future. This means when it comes to the crunch they may say what senior officers want to hear. This is freat for the suits.

Indeed such a method is an excellent means of controlling people and silencing the vocal Black officers for there will always be a puppet who stands by the bosses when it suits the suits.

Funny thing is, the NMPA asked for details of Muslim officer’s and my Force rejected the provision of this information. Bearing in mind the NMPA were asking for this information, what do you think the response of those that may sell out be to the fact that the Force didn’t hand the information over. I don’t know, but as I say, if I was offered a career path or two would I shut up too? Nah.  

Shhhh, is this not the “C” word, is it? It can’t be.  Now, this sort of thing I am sure has happened to Black colleagues that have been offered a cushy number here or there, to speak about racism despite the fact that they haven’t a clue. And we know exactly where that got us. The NBPA fell into a sorry state of affairs.

What individuals that are offered these glittering career’s might consider is fairness. Fairness isn’t just for them, it’s for everyone, but sell outs often have a go at people when it suits them, but even when they do, they look highly incompetent, but that suits the suits and It makes us all look incompetent.  



  1. Sorry, just linked to you on a post. Hope you don’t mind! If you do please wish my demise with a thousand dung beetles!


  2. Please don’t shoot the messanger.

    I am anything but politically correct.

    I am correct mind you!

    Demise, demise, I don’t wish that on you, I would rather welcome you.

    Mine’s tea, with and 1 sugar please.

  3. I hope I have sorted the confusion out mate, I had no intention to offend. The demise was due if you minded me linking to you.

    Mine is the same with no sugar please.

  4. No confusion my friend. No offence taken. Tea it is then.

  5. Much confusion, and not just the name.


  6. You touch upon a truth that concerns how UK society secretly operates in complex tiers. The full devious workings of our plutocracy are known to no single person. He who demands a return to democracy knows the least of what is going on because we never had one. All our policies for equality and information are sham; veneers over rotten wood. No sugar for me please.

  7. Dr Melvin T Gray, let me try and understand your academic arguement here. Are you saying that what I am saying here in the breadth of this post actually OCCURS?

    I can say it might occur but as soon as I open my mouth I am shot down by senior suits.

    And are you also saying that because I am searching for real democracy I am the last to know of these happenings, because they simply won’t tell me.

    And did you say Tea?

  8. Yes Sgt. Twining, correct. May I reserve formality to tea; nibble lightly on bait and invite you to call me Melvin.

    Ready made labels of subversive or paranoid await those venturing into this area of discussion. I recall this happening to one Mr Jack Straw, decades ago. Briefly, direct democracy is the ideal, providing strictly equal rights, irrespective of religion, colour, etc – yet our national weakness, apathy, undermines any prospect of it. The same scourge withered our representative democracy and gave it the opportunities to corrupt itself back to feudal plutocracy. I must spare your guests with what can be found on many political blogs. I do visit your blog without comment but your observations hooked me.

  9. You are welcome here.

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