The Twining Chronicles 2009 nomination for April fool is……

April 1, 2009


Well it’s that day today, April 1st is April Fool’s day; so who is The Twining Chronicles nomination for April fool buffoon? For the slick haircut, (note the picture below),  and bumbling performance revealed in this week’s dispatches programme where the political history and brambling rants of Boris were considered one can’t help but wonder how this character who appears to have no real desire for justice is chairing the Metropolitan Police Authority.

A telephone conversation between an old school mate of his from Eton and Boris revealed how Boris was aware that his mate was planning to have someone else done over, and How Boris didn’t discourage him from this blatant conspiracy to commit an assault ABH. Have you no shame Boris?

Boris was then shown with his bambling efforts where he was questioned by the Home Office Affairs Select committee, (HOASC). In a private conversation with Keith Vaz, who made  a transcript of the conversation, Boris was bumbling about the suggestion that Vaz had assured him he would not be given a hard time and the giving of this hard time was  f – – – – – g awful.

The HOASC is independent Boris, you don’t control it, so sorry that you thought you did but you don’t. Therefore with great delight this year’s, (2009), April fool is  Ken Livingstone, whoops I meant Boris Johnson. Boris step forth to accept your Twining Gong.



  1. Yes, I saw Dispatches too. His performance was disgusting. It doesn’t have to be April to make him an idiot.

  2. It must be all that grit-snow lasagne he’s been eating.

  3. Personally, I love Boris.

    There’s a very sharp brain there, and he’s discovered that if he bumbles and acts stupid people will underestimate him.

    Basically, he’s playing the card we’ve all played as Police Officers – the “big thick copper” mode.

  4. Are you sure he’s acting?

  5. Difficult to resist an urge to grab a metaphorical rifle whenever an arrogant, racist, old Etonian target appears. An unusual tolerance for boyish Boris may be due to deliberate camouflage as a naughty state school prankster, ever in detention.

  6. Can’t comment – just remembered where my x went

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