Dear Shami re: G20

April 15, 2009


Yes, once again Gadget is right. The G20 Police Sergeant that assaulted the female protester is a Black officer. I wrote this post before I found a picture of him and noticed he was Black!. Would I have written the same had he been White? Frankly, yes.

Alas the media Moguls are biting at the teeth to get their hands on stories of police violence, and so this recent strike of a female protester at the G20 summit is another spat they can get their claws into. One feels for the TSG Sergeant as some questions remain unanswered.

Here at the Twining Chronicles we are of the opinion that what the media kings have left out is the violent behaviour of the female protester. We didn’t see a peaceful protest from this protester, did you? The behaviour towards the TSG Sergeant was aggressive, nasty and venomous. We believe after the Sergeant struck this “law abiding” individual, the individual responded with the words, that she was a woman. Indeed, did she not know that women can be aggressive and violent too, as our British culture shows us. Of course there was no reporting of the threatening behaviour of this “silent” one. Oh, the section 4 of it!

And to add wood to the fire Shami from Liberty has come out and said a customary few words not recognising what pressures are on police officer’s, nor recognising the threats of the “peaceful” one. Dear Shami, surely the police have rights too. The question is, did the officer use reasonable force? Sadly no doubt the internal senior suits in the police have shown no ounce of common sense, the officer has been suspended and these suits may even platter to the media created frenzy. What’s the life of one officer and his family worth to the suits, hey?



  1. Dear Twining,

    It is worth absolutely nothing to the suits who will vigorously pursue all lines of investigation with this officer. The end result is probably inevitable. All to appease the greater public who want to see an officer punished for reacting during a highly charged situation. I have been greatly outnumbered during public order situations before and in order to restore normality have done similar. Indeed after deliberately being pushed into the path of a police horse on full canter had several bones in my foot broken. I struck my assailant with my baton on his upper left arm muscle group and he was in the process of deflecting it when it skipped up and took the top of his ear off. He knew he was wrong and ran away, I limped away after picking up the bloody mess from the floor. Nothing came back to me as the evidence gathering teams were spot on and had seen this individual and recorded him.

    Hope the same applies with this officer.

    Regards. (Still no sugar).

  2. Spot on.

  3. This officer must be disciplined for dishonourably removing or obscuring his identity – for this indicates premeditated wrongdoing without redress.

    I am less concerned with how he dealt with the protester. As a blogger recently pointed out, women have demanded equality and are being shown it. You cannot have it both ways, Mrs Chakrabarti. Yet the most lip curling aspect is the engagement of Max Clifford’s ‘services’ as publicist! Keerching, darling…..

  4. This officer is a sacrificial lamb on the alter of political correctness. The action of the officer are under scrutiny but what so of the protesting female whom was shouting and swearing at him. I understand that she expects to make money from her story to the papers. (So much for an anarchist anti-capitalist eh). I also believe that the strikes used were approved techniques, but will this matter to the media pandering new Met Chief, (aka Browns poodle). I hope that everyone involved in the protests on the policing side refuses to work at events like this in the future if this is the level of support that they are going to get from above.

  5. I would like to think common sense may prevail. Dr Gray, may I call you Doc, I don’t think the officer was trying to hide his number. There is something that goes on top of the numbers for some reason. He has specialist equipment as a member of the TSG. Also his face wasn’t covered. Again I believe that what he was wearing was a fireproof item which may be perceived as being a face covering exercise. But is wasn’t. In this case the protester my be found guilty.

  6. Nod, nod, nod, followed by a loud, high-pitched scream when reading the name Shami Chakrabarti.

    Lester Bullseye – yes.

    Dr Gray – hints of a self-fulfilling prophecy unravelling slightly with regards to the demands for “equality” and causing serious fluctuations in the space/time continuum.

  7. I hope he comes out of this OK, – and when he does, he is probably in line for some compensation from the media who may have made some spurious allegations.

  8. I personally know this skipper.

    He is decent bloke in all the dealings I have had with him, honest and straight forward and someone who looks after his troops.

    I have seen with my own mark him disipline his troops for stepping over the mark.

    To descibe him as a thug is so far removed from his personality its a joke.

  9. All,

    I agree with all the sentiments here. I don’t know the skipper; but I think he was provoked. I also don’t think he is a thug.

    Sergeant T Twining.

  10. What do you mean British women aren’t violent…

    Look at Naomi Campbell.

    Listen some of these tree hugging extremest can be NUTS the operative word here being extremest…

    Just because they promote peace and tranquility with the earth doesn’t mean they wont resort to violence to get there point across.

    Look at the abortion extremest how many doctors have been blown away by these ding dongs in the name of LIFE, Contradiction there.

    And to those who say training is the answer, well you are right. When some one comes screaming at you with intent to do bodily harm you neutralize them so they cant hurt you. There his training paid off, they weren’t there to just protest they expect violence because they are prepared to use violence. Why do you think they show up with gas masks and helmets.

    Think you can do it better? Fill out an application until then shut up…

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