Dear Shami: part 2

April 17, 2009

It has been reported that the mildly meek female that was recorded verbally threatening the Police Sergeant in the G20 protests has considered selling her story for £500,000. Yeah yeah, human rights, freedom, you don’t sell out to freedom like this one has. Hers is not an example of a sane person.

This was not an example of a peaceful protest by this female, note: Gandhi; he was a peaceful protester; she was not. Here at the Twining Chronicles we would like to offer this wonderful upstanding citizen £5.00 for exclusive rights.

Any media king that has any sense will not purchase this story; the story was about police actions; that story has been sold, and told, all be it quite badly by the press, but the story of the female who threatened and goaded isn’t worth a penny and we will still offer £5.00 to hear the abuse she gave to the police one more time. But I am unhappy about one thing. The whole recording looked like a set up. If this is the case then the “C” word comes to mind.



  1. You are too generous Sgt. Twining. I resist making a penny contribution towards your £5 target. I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that the suspension of the second officer was either very dumb or cleverly calculated. Go on, perhaps it was the former.

    Re your previous post Sgt, I am totally comfortable with ‘Mel’. I am not a medic and occasional ribbings on blogs are quite ok; the reason for identity disclosure being unconnected with title pedantry.

  2. A fivers going a bit far isn’t it – You may be right about the last bit though.
    Oh and just in case anyone was starting to think the job was all ‘beating up innocent people innit’ as I was told by a nice young man today please look at the link, it puts things in some perspective.

    P.S. (oh what a day I’ve had) then on my way home some spotty little oik asked me to sign his petition against police brutality, I had some difficulty keeping a straight face and you should have seen the shade of red he turned when I showed him my warrant card and asked him what particular brutality he was referring to.

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