Don’t be so silly….

May 7, 2009

I had the recent pleasure of speaking to a police officer with 20 or so years service. This is what he told me.

1. He was knowledgeable.

2. He was belligerent.

3. He was negative and dismissive.

4. He was always right.

5. He was not happy that the service had taken away an individuals right to join a legitimate political party; the BNP.

My advice: Son, the BNP is racist, his response, they haven’t been convicted. My reply, that doesn’t mean the party hasn’t done anything wrong and that it is not racist. Anyway we continued. He advised me that all change was bad. In the end, like a good Sergeant, I told him to “shut up” and stop being silly. Now, he’s not a bad copper, but when we cross swords, he will always be right. But why would any police officer want to join a right wing racist party?



  1. Are police allowed to join any political party?

    I had a look at the BNP website after the Gurkha thing, they seem confused 🙂

  2. Ah, the PC with 20 year’s or so service. It’s amazing how I have worked with so many officers with so much service and so little experience, who display an overt ignorance of anything that doesn’t make fit into their world-view. All of which is largely achieved by doing very little throughout their career and refusing to see anything through eyes other than their own. I would always prefer to work with an officer who has 5 year’s service and the equal amount of experience. They’re worth much, much more.

  3. Twining, you are right – but.

    Banning Police Officers from joining any one particular political party is a slippery slope. I would be happier if the old discipline code offence of ‘taking an active part in politics’ was expanded and joining any political party was banned. Over the years most of the main parties have been accused of racism in some shape or form. In no particular order…

    Lib Dems – 1993 The report found that Liberal campaign statements such as ‘Liberals fight for local people’ or ‘Liberals fight for those who survived the Blitz’ were construed as racist.

    Conservatives – 2008 The Conservatives were today hit by a “racism” row after two black party members claimed they were “stopped and searched” when trying to attend a local association meeting. The men said they were “traumatised” by their treatment at the hands of party officials in Brent North.

    Labour – 2009 The most senior Labour Party official in Britain was caught up in a bizarre racism row last night after he was accused of insulting people who speak with a Scottish accent. A formal complaint of racism was made against Labour General Secretary Ray Collins when he asked for a ‘translation’ of comments made by a man from Glasgow.

    Plaid Cymru – 2002 The strong strand of racism and xenophobia in Plaid Cymru’s history is well tabulated. We have only to look at some of the writings of Saunders Lewis, the founder of Plaid Cymru, to recognise the truth of that. He believed that he could embrace the corporatist ideas of Mussolini, with whom he was enamoured. He certainly had plenty of time for the racist remarks of various fascist elements arising in Europe in the 1920s and 1930s. Let me make it clear that he was an anti-Semite. We can see that time and again in his writings—it runs through them from start to finish.

    Not that any of these examples excuse the BNP…

  4. Inspector – welcome – I don’t know whether it was his years of service or whether he is just belligerant. I think there are many many good colleagues with 20+ years. This one is just him, him, him. Don’t get me wrong, I like him as a person.

    Blueknight – you are so right. Political parties play games with this subject. But the BNP were so outright that I though his example of claiming the taking of his right was just so silly.

  5. Your constable is not required to justify how he votes and I am surprised to find you of all people, posing such a question, Sgt T.

    The concept of sanctions against members of BNP is no more supportable than gangs of armed youths at polling stations with the sole purpose of ensuring a vote ‘concludes with the right result’. With the notable exception of Mugabe, it is not the province of Government to dictate to the electorate what is best to think, for whom to vote, the artificial engineering of results or the denial of jobs to BNP members because of their political views.

    An insult to the integrity of police officers (coupled with unwelcome intrusion into their personal lives), is the inference that support for any particular party cannot be set aside when carrying out uniformed duties.

    There is evidence to suggest every party has bigots and racists. To single out the legitimate BNP as a party police cannot belong to, is nothing short of political meddling based on political fear. In any event, I am persuaded to believe that moral police officers, judges, teachers et al, would go out of their way to ensure their political beliefs did not impinge upon professional work. If the above generally holds true, the argument that police membership of BNP ‘undermines race relations’ is seriously flawed.

  6. Dr Gray,

    I am not asking the Constable to justify how he votes. Apologies if I missed the point but his issue was that the service had taken away a right from individuals. He didn’t want to be a member of this party. My point was, not matter what I said, he was always right.

    So when I said the party wasa racist, he refused to budge from the position stating that this has been proven in law. I then said the law can be an ass.

    He hated any change. Now, if the law is an ass; in certain areas only change will result in good things. So the fact that he hated change was bizarre.

    Sgt T.

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