Hindu male loses right to open air cremation

May 10, 2009


A 70 year old Hindu male has lost his legal battle to have an open air cremation, but the Judge has given him a right to appeal. Don’t get me wrong as I personally have no desire for an open air funeral. I don’t think my guests could take the smell of  flesh burning slowly.  I think there is a valid practical reason  as to why, in this country, the man has failed his court claim.

Had this right have been an Islamic right then I dare not guess what the outcome might have been? Would the outcome have been the same, as in my opinion it should be? Who knows? What I do know is that some politicians still fear terrorism.  As for Indians in general, it would be a wonderful day when we stand united in a peaceful way. The Injun dichotomy is still very much fractured in this here country as it is back in India, and still most Injuns remain peaceful.

My view is twofold. (1) Do we allow this man his right? (2) And does his right mean that others would follow? I doubt it; though this is a risk. Being British and Injun means adopting some Britishness.


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