Ballistic Turbans? Is it possible?

May 13, 2009


Enjoy these images. I think they are fantastic. I am intrigued by the reports that some Sikh officer‘s would like Ballistic police issue turbans in order that they can serve as firearms officer’s. Looking at this pragmatically, and I welcome views here, if we have allowed motorcyclists that are Sikh the option of not wearing a helmet if they wear a turban, and we allow the turban as an option instead of a hard hat on patrol then surely it follows that this recent request may not be too much to ask. 

Put succinctly this discrepancy affects only those Sikh officers that wear turbans. In a supportive way one of the Sikh officers declared their pride to be able to wear a turban and serve in the elite groups. Isn’t this positive? Even then I am unsure what ballistic material can be placed under a turban such that it has the same strength as the normal ballistic hats.

I guess the turban is individual fitting therefore it is the material that would be critical. The only other way to resolve this is to ask Sikh Officer’s that want to join to continue to wear their turban and practice their religious rights over-riding health and safety. Below is one of my favourite sketches. Let’s celebrate diversity and enjoy this moment.



  1. Check out post #25:


    the Indian army’s solution – so good other (CT) units use it.

  2. for soft turbans (although not bullet proof) they could use d3o to offer blunt trauma protection.

  3. We will both recall PCMP’s amusing mocking of the flag, Sgt. T. In the same way, the uniformity of Uniform would eventually be lost to never ending concessions. A line has to be drawn somewhere, meaning disappointment for some. I accepted the turban exemption although in my view, it was a relaxation bordering upon mistake. The best intentions of the original concession are threatened with absurdity in the proposal of a specially designed turban for Sikh firearms officers.

    Perhaps we should also recognize the nature of our ambivalence to fringe aspects of racism. Preservation of particular identities and uniforms is the inevitable consequence of being a Nation separate from others.

  4. Sikhs have a long history with Britain, including one of fighting for Britain – wearing turbans. If it was ok for them to do that, I don’t see a reason why they can’t wear them now. And as pointed out in my link in the first post, there is already a very successful solution to the ballistic turban, the patka helmet.

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