The Twining Chronicles has solved the issue of ballisitic turbans!

May 14, 2009



Thanks to a contributor on the last post, James, I found these pictures. The first shows what appears to be a Kevlar reinforced helmet. The second picture shows that Sikh colleagues could wear this or a police issue helmet over the  pagadi – the cloth you see on the heads of Sikh soldiers in this picture. Interesting because in two posts and two days, together, we appear to have answered the question that the Home Office dare not answer and is defying scientists.  How many diversity consultants are employed, do you think, to answer these sort of questions? As the legendary Inspector Gadget says, “you can’t make this up.”



  1. Sikh and ye shall find?

    (Matthew 7:7, Luke 11:9)

  2. Thank the Lord.

  3. Maybe we can get a large consultancy fee 🙂

  4. Just wondered why he is all cam creamed up in a desert environment with a snipers cover, also the wrong colour. He may stick out just a touch!


  5. I just think the Turbans look wonderful. Isn’t it nice to see people stand side by side?

  6. Noddy, “Sikh” and we shall find? Nice one.

  7. Count me in on the PBA. I fully condone your gallant efforts to further the cause.


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