The Twining Chronicles is happy to announce, (NEWSFLASH),

May 18, 2009

The forthcoming launch of the The Police Bloggers Ass-ociation, the (PBA). At a date to be announced in the near future and a venue to outshine the Royal Variety Performances this launch is set to make waves within the police and blogging industry. Household names like Constable Confused.com and Area Search No Trace have signed up to the idea. And we are just awaiting a few more people like 200 weeks, Noddy, PC Plastic Fuzz and others, (but they don’t know it yet.)

The purpose of the PBA is to support Police Bloggers all over the country, and to eliminate unlawful battering of said police bloggers by the Home Secretary and Hazel Blears whilst making the lives of Senior Management Teams and Chiefs all over the country difficult. We also hope to revitalise and bring back bloggers that have left us, such as Totally UNPC, Sergeant Simon, and PC Southwest. If you have any ideas on a LOGO and anything else please leave a comment.



  1. You called me a fruitcake? Sorry no moustache but did sport a goatee for a while.

    Logos, see the bearded man on my effort of a blog. He is a wise and hairy man who doth understandeth the whiles and wherefores of the binary code much associated with the magic called “computer”.


  2. PBA – Might I suggest we all convene at Goring on a craftily arranged mass application for being slightly Mm

  3. So we have a logo and a meeting place. Welcome Stressed out cop.

    Confused Constable knows all about applications….

  4. Oh god, not more,

    How about I can just bleeping do it and don’t feel the need to big meself up. Do you need the SA1/2 as well? Or can I please be one of your gang?


  5. How’s about a combo of avatars and a meeting not too far south….Dundee would do!

  6. Noddy, trust you! Our avatars are our identity. Dundee, it’s cold there.

    We need a logo man. Can I trust you to work on one?

    Constable Confused, I share your sentiments about applications.

    You don’t have to complete any for this process, you will be happy to know.

    If you can drink you’re in. Tea, I mean?

  7. I don’t Blame the Police, I blame the Tavistock Institute of Psychological Warfare that advises on many of our TV Programmes.
    You see, the EU has the constitution of a Polices state so they need crime to increase.

    Anti British Psychological Warfare

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