Nick Griffin’s invitation to Buckingham Palace is withdrawn

May 23, 2009

God bless the Queen. There’s not many things that make our day, but this look on Griffin’s face has. Whilst he might be part of what is deemed a legal party his and his parties politics are based around hidden and cloaked racism. The buffoon that allowed Barnbrook to walk with the Police Federation at the march in London might ask why. We would rather think we don’t need the support of the BNP to protect our rights.



  1. Have recently had to dissuade (successfully, and with ease) three acquaintances from voting BNP in the forthcoming – all seemingly normal intelligent nice middle class. This expenses row has a lot to answer for, BUT bear in mind, Chirac’s monthly personal expenditure on food & wine was 6000Euros! I feel like it’s 1923&33 again.

  2. Democratic party? My bum. They can’t get support lambasting Catholics or Jewish people anymore, and think vilifying Islam will get them power. Twats. If it wasn’t for Muslim scholars retaining the works of the ancient philosophers there wouldn’t be a Western Civilisation. Anyway, who’s really British. It’s made of up Celts, Angles, Saxons, Normans, Vikings, West Indians, South Asians – all cultures of which have contributed to making this country great. God bless the Queen – a true Brit, not like that tosser BNP bloke.

  3. Aww. What a shame. Poor Adolf.

    On a more sombre note, though, this shower are going to do well out of the current Westminster sleaze stories.

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