Picking up from Constable confused

June 2, 2009

Why do we bother? This was an interesting piece by a good Constable. Why should white males bother when applications from minority ethnic and females are pushed through the shortlisting. If what CC says is true then that what he describes  as happening is positive discrimination. And are they saying we haven’t got the ounce to actually write an application form properly? Or are they saying their selection won’t let us through so they are going to by pass it. Oo.   I don’t for one minute agree with putting people through who neither have the skills or abilities. But then I don’t like the manner in which some idiot managers exclude others.

But this whole system stinks. Create a level playing field by all means but pushing people through only to fail them at interview or after they have got the job causes resentment in the early stages, it fudges the whole flipping problem BUT REALLY looks good for the HMIC when they see the increase in numbers from minority groups. So it is a short term idiotic management response I am afraid. and in short, a load of bollocks.

It is getting worse rather than getting better. I was interviewed once for a specialist race post. I applied because I knew I was the best at it, and I could do some good work to support the front line properly. I was the only applicant. I had the skills, the qualifications, you name it. The interviewers had less qualifications than me. They even lost my presentation, so I couldn’t challenge them properly. Funny that?  When I met the Super, he smashed his hand on the table and said, there was no way I was going to get the job.  And this is not criticism of constable confused. I actually agree with him; why do we bother? This is more evidence of the big “C” word me feels.


One comment

  1. Thanks Sgt. T.

    It is true I assure you, if I had a scanner I would put the relevant part on t’net for all to see.

    Positive discrimination? Surely not! Is that why we have a positive action team in recruitment and personnel?

    Best regards mate, CC.C.

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