Whether you think the BNP are racist or not read on

June 9, 2009

This is an exert from the Independent newspaper. “BNP leader ‘uses black teenager’s murder for votes’ By Andrew Johnson and Jane Merrick Sunday, 31 May 2009. Nick Griffin says Anthony Walker’s murder was not racist ENLARGE The British National Party leader, Nick Griffin, was last night accused of “sickening” exploitation of the memory of a murdered black teenager, Anthony Walker, who was killed in a Liverpool park. Mr Griffin was accused of besmirching Walker’s memory to stoke up votes ahead of the European elections this week. In a broadcast posted on YouTube, he stands at the spot where the 18-year-old was murdered in July 2005, and says the killing has been labelled as racially motivated but that “this is not the case”. “This was made out as a Stephen Lawrence-style cause célèbre,” he says. “The truth is, you talk to any one around here, that isn’t the case. Everybody says Anthony Walker was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. It wasn’t a racist murder and there’s no doubt about that.” He goes on to describe a CCTV camera trained on the park entrance as “ridiculous politically correct expenditure on one murder”. Two cousins, Michael Barton, 17, and Paul Taylor, 20, were jailed for Walker’s murder, which the judge described as “a racist attack of a type poisonous to any civilised society”. Walker was waiting at a bus stop with his white girlfriend and a black friend when the pair were subjected to “a torrent of racial abuse”, according to police. Although they walked away, they were followed in a car and ambushed. Walker’s friend and girlfriend managed to escape, but he was struck with an ice pick that was left embedded in his skull. Yesterday a spokesman for the anti-racist organisation Searchlight said: “Nick Griffin’s sickening attempt to smear the memory of Anthony Walker – an innocent boy killed because of the colour of his skin – for his own political purposes reveals the BNP for what they are: racist thugs.”

1) Apparently the murder of Anthony Walker was not racially aggravated. 

2) Preventing further racial assaults by preventive measures is PC expenditure.

3) Who has allowed the BNP in?

4) How much salary will Griffin get for being a MEP? 

5) How on earth can a civilised democracy allow a racist ideology taxpayer’s money? On the one hand we, society, want to tackle hatred, and on the other hand society pays for a racist ideology to profess hatred. You couldn’t make that up.



  1. You probably already know that the number of BNP votes in the NW actually fell, unfortunately so few reasonable people voted that the percentage of votes enabled them to get in.

    I blame the expenses scandal, BUT bear in mind that Chirac spends 6000 Euros a month of taxpayers money (including mine) on his PERSONAL food & wine and the French, for once, don’t see that as worth striking or demonstrating about. Despite the current furago, (pun on UKIP intended) Westminster is still one of the least corrupt governments in the world.

  2. “Who has allowed the BNP in?”

    IMHO, it was a joint achievement on the part of;

    a) apathetic (non)-voters, &

    b) MPs who discredited the legitimate parties & damaged confidence in democratic process. They handed it to the brownshirts on a plate.

    With regard to a) above: I’d be interested to know what proportion of non-white potential voters turned out to oppose the BNP in the constituencies which the latter took.

    With regard to b): may the scamming no-marks clean toilets in Hell for eternity for that one.

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  4. I cannot believe that I am paying a racist’s salary.

    • Why not? You already subsidise pondlife of all persuasions. So do all who consider that, in their own circumstances, it’s worth working – even though, for some, it’s only a marginal return on effort.

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  6. If you really want to adress racism in Britain you would do well do to start here:
    1. Watford Asian Community care

    2. Watford African Caribbean Association

    3. National Black Police Association

    4. Metropolitan Black Police Association

    5. Black Londoners Forum

    6. Black Information Link (BLINK)

    7. Operation Black Vote

    8. Federation of Black Housing Organisations (FBHO)

    9. Black Training Enterprise Group

    10. Southwark Black Heritage Organisation

    11. The Action Group for Irish Youth

    12. Asians In Media (AIM)

    13. Barfi Culture (Asians)

    14. Black Britain

    15. Black Enterprise

    16. Black net Community

    17. The Black Presence In Britain

    18. Black Search

    19. Black UK Online

    20. Board Of Deputies of British Jews

    21. Chinatown Online

    22. Clickwalla (Asian)

    23. Dimsum (Chinese)

    24. Doncaster Chinese

    25. CEMVO

    26. Every Generation (Black)

    27. Jewish.Co.UK

    28. Jewish Telegraph

    29. MMLondon (Asian)

    30. Red Hot Curry (Asian)

    31. National Association of Nigerian Communities – UK (NANC)

    32. Barnsley Black and Ethic Minority Initiative

    I HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO BELONG TO MY OWN ETHNIC GROUP ie The B.N.P. , a non violent democratically elected party. Nearly ONE MILLION of us voted for the B.N.P. It`s not a “flash in the pan” We`re now mainstream,growing and here to stay. Get used to it. Above all, keep up the lies, untruths, deceptions, exadurations and out of date half truths, your pathetic transparent bleatings provide focus on the important issues. Issues that only the B.N.P. dare talk about.

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