Gulab Jamun, a traditional SWEETIE….

June 12, 2009

Let me introduce you to Gulab Jamun, a traditional Asian sweet, but in this case a character I have come to know. Gulab called me after passing his Sergeants exam and said that he was advised to contact the BPA because a previous BPA member had said we can “pull strings.” I won’t have any of that. I disappointed Gulab when he intimated that just because he was Black there should be some precedence to promoting him. I advised him that he needed to work hard and get a backer on Area. Boy was he lost for words.

Gulab now wants to work within the BPA; he feels the BPA needs a new direction. Right? Does that direction include self promotion? The suits love people like Gulab because he will engage with them. What Gulab knows about race relations will find him wanting, and if he has no knowledge or experience he will be viewed, when attending meetings, as incompetent. But isn’t that what the leaders want of the Black people, so matters can never be dealt with. Gulab in his self promotion forgets we were promoted on merit not because of our colour. I am afraid he will take as backwards. Thus far Gulab has not come into the fold of the BPA and people like this only come in for themselves, not for policing or for the community. You couldn’t make this up, could you? How can I promote what is right when people like this think they should be given some favourite treatment over other people because they are a different colour? It is time to stand down. Gulab will no doubt get an award in the years to come.


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