Aloo Chaat part II

June 16, 2009

Those of you will know the Aloo Chaat’s of this world. They are often seen in the wings of Chief Officers, they turn out at events, and rubber stamp mostly everything that Chiefs say. I did say that I would report on what goes on inside the world of policing. Here goes.

Well Special Interrogation officer Aloo went to see Chiefsy some time ago. They had tea and cakes. The meeting was about the BPA. The correct line of communication would have been via me, Sergeant T Twining. So who knows what they discussed. Straight after this meeting Aloo went to meet with my second in command, I call her Poppadom Rock, and Aloo advised Ms Rock that Chiefsy would be happy if she took over the leadership and direction of the BPA.

Thankfully Ms Rock trusted me and told me what Aloo had said. To test this out I asked Aloo in what capacity did he go and see Chiefsy? Aloo replied, in a private capacity.Funny thing is he missed the bit about back stabbing me. Aloo didn’t even tell me he had this meeting; I had to ask him. Interestingly Chiefsy didn’t tell me of the meeting either. Alas Aloo is used and he allows himself to be used. I would be foolish to make this up; believe me this happened.


One comment

  1. Twining, as you know, I’ve said this before.
    Its long past time this racist organisation was closed down.

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