The floodgates open: The BNP get 1 million votes.

June 24, 2009


Readers please find a below comment from a BNP support to a previous article. Firstly we think the reader is a BNP member, and he states that 1 million people voted the BNP. We wonder how many were radical racists and how many were just average people discontented with politics. He doesn’t seem to make this clear.  He says also that the BNP are now mainstream and are here to stay, but the following is the worst review I have ever had.

“Get used to it. Above all, keep up the lies, untruths, deceptions, exadurations and out of date half truths, your pathetic transparent bleatings provide.”
I have to correct the commentator when he says he has a right to belong to his own ethnic group, i.e. the BNP. The BNP is not an ethnic group, some would argue it is a racist party; an ethnic group is different.  Still we think Nick Griffin is a dangerous individual. Anyway this is what the BNP commentator says.

If you really want to adress racism in Britain you would do well do to start here:

1. Watford Asian Community care

2. Watford African Caribbean Association

3. National Black Police Association

4. Metropolitan Black Police Association

5. Black Londoners Forum

6. Black Information Link (BLINK)

7. Operation Black Vote

8. Federation of Black Housing Organisations (FBHO)

9. Black Training Enterprise Group

10. Southwark Black Heritage Organisation

11. The Action Group for Irish Youth

12. Asians In Media (AIM)

13. Barfi Culture (Asians)

14. Black Britain

15. Black Enterprise

16. Black net Community

17. The Black Presence In Britain

18. Black Search

19. Black UK Online

20. Board Of Deputies of British Jews

21. Chinatown Online

22. Clickwalla (Asian)

23. Dimsum (Chinese)

24. Doncaster Chinese


26. Every Generation (Black)

27. Jewish.Co.UK

28. Jewish Telegraph

29. MMLondon (Asian)

30. Red Hot Curry (Asian)

31. National Association of Nigerian Communities – UK (NANC)

32. Barnsley Black and Ethic Minority Initiative

I HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO BELONG TO MY OWN ETHNIC GROUP ie The B.N.P. , a non violent democratically elected party. Nearly ONE MILLION of us voted for the B.N.P. It`s not a “flash in the pan” We`re now mainstream,growing and here to stay. Get used to it. Above all, keep up the lies, untruths, deceptions, exadurations and out of date half truths, your pathetic transparent bleatings provide focus on the important issues. Issues that only the B.N.P. dare talk about.


  1. I rather think you’re exadurating (sic) the importance of this silly little man by deigning to respond to his lunatic belming Twinning.

    Yes, there are problems in this country. But voting for an avowedly racist left-wing party isn’t the answer to those problems.

    Leaving Europe, and holding Parliament, the Police and the NHS up to public scrutiny OTOH…

    • Err.. left wing? Hmm.. Basic definition – “To secure for the workers, by hand or by brain, the full fruits of their industry & the most equitable distribution thereof which may be possible under a system of common ownership of the means of production & distribution”. Didn’t see that anywhere.

  2. Chris, 1 million…..

    I think you mean right wing…..

  3. Nothing could be more ‘UnBritish’ than the BNP. The Celts, Angles, Saxons, Normans, Vikings and Huegenots who have lived in this country could all lay claim to being ‘true’ British. But no one ethnic group is British. British is all of the above. It’s all of the Afro-Caribean and Asian’s who came to make this country great. Who have served the country faithfully and fought in wars to protect our liberty – to protect us against facists like the BNP.

  4. Mate

    Not really worthy of comment .. if people want to vote for them up to them,however I prefer to ignore them completely.

  5. When you get to those extremes they sort of meet in the middle, ok at the outside – Nazi stood for National Socialism.
    As for Chris & leaving Europe, where does he want a fission fueled tug to pull us to?

  6. And while we’re there I suppose we had better ‘adress’ the MPS Emerald Society and the Richmond Caledonian Society to name but a few.
    no, I think we know who is really responsible for ‘lies, untruths, deceptions, exadurations and out of date half truths’.

  7. “1 million can’t be wrong.”
    I hear that a lot. I don’t agree.

  8. Nearly One Million…

    Readers please find a below comment from a BNP support to a previous article. Firstlywe think the re […]…

  9. In response to number 3:

    What did the asians and afros do to make this country great? You must mean curry and other great exotic food they introduced to us,the great diversity of skin colours or are you talking about the Patels next door with their 14 children who are living on welfare benefits?

    Comments like this make me sick.


  11. Three questions proposed by Socrates,1 Is what is stated about the BNP the TRUTH absolute, absolutism is the consept of truth, based on maths, not moral emotive, veiws, Merdocks American, MSM, concept of equality, not the Brish idea of equity, genetic balance in all things, 50 50 % ISM?.Number of islamists in UK = to number of Jews, Christains, in Mecca,2 Is what is stated about them based on GOODNESS, goodness based on maths, Algerbratic balance ,ect DO UNTO OTHERS AS THEY DO UNTO YOU,=

    (XY)+2=(YX)-2= CI-V-IC THOUGHT= IC= the law of numbers is total truth, and rules all other things,the nature of the third empire, in the English language, ect mus-ic, artis-ic, military -ic, econom-ic,ect, thousands of words.

    3 How USEFUL is it to me personally, to know some thing about a person, or party, if it isnt, then it is gossip. You say that this is the veiw of Nick GRIFFIN, SO WHAT, THE POLICYS OF THE BNP, IS DECIDED BY 14,000 MEMBERS AND 1 MILLION VOTERS.YOU SAY THE BNP IS NAZIS, YET IF THIS IS SO, THEN WHY NOT SIMPLE CALL THEMSELVES THE BRITISH NAZI PARTY.



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