Michael Jackson -Suleman Mirza (Signature)

July 10, 2009

The tragic death Michael Jackson is still raw, and we here at the Chronicles want to continue to celebrate MJ’s life.  The act in this youtube clip, Suleman Mirza, as a tribute act to MJ, is possibly the best MJ act in the world.

This weekend as police colleagues disco around the clubs we have a message; quietly celebrate the life of the king of pop as you disco to some wonderful songs. We really do like Bhangra here and this is the influence of MJ’s music; it cuts across culture. Fantastic stuff.

This post has nothing to do with policing but it does highlight that police officers are human too, a fact that The Times appear not to have recognised in the case of outing NightJack. A birdie tells me that Gadget kind of likes MJ’s music too.


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