Go Freddie! Go Freddie – Flintoff the cultural Guru.

July 21, 2009

Freddie Flintoff’s Greatest Over

We hope you cricket fans are enjoying the Ashes series. The you tube video is from 2005, but this Brit, Andrew Flintoff is back to his best. He has just taken 5 wickets at Lord’s. A fantastic achievement. He shocked people announcing his retirement prior to the Lord’s test. And therefore he was a marked man; the Aussies and the press were watching him, but he performed. Flintoff’s career has been one to watch with love and enthusiasm. Criticised for his so English display of drinking and drunkenness at several post Ashes 2005 media events, he was often slurred, but extremely happy. He showed no threats associated with alcohol, the type we see at weekends. He was just merry. And even when he walked out of number 10 after 2005 he was the same, very very merry. Our Friday night youths can and should take a note of the cultural influence of ready Freddie; but rarely are thugs bothered for they drink and bash people. Some of us will remember Freddie’s late night canoeing efforts where he skadoodled out into the Indian Ocean on his own; again after a few bevies, resulting in the calling out of the Indian Coastguard. Whilst he was then promoted to Captain his antics had now cost him; he stood down. Only our Freddie could have done that. Again, no thuggery, just pure fun. Let’s face it, and Ponting is an excellent world class batsmen, Freddie is the nemesis that the Australians are scared of, and so they should be. The greatest English cricketing all-rounder? We think so.


One comment

  1. The spirit of this quintessential Englishman shines brightly through flaws, none of which amount to much in the company of a behemoth talent.

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