Anyone been watching The Bill lately?

July 28, 2009



Is it us, or has the Bill’s production crew and design team changed the way they film such that the show no longer comes across as a soap? You know what we mean? If you watch The Bill that is. Well, for one the times have changed. Thursdays and Fridays we think from 9pm to 10pm now. But it’s more than just a change in times and a make over which has left us wondering, have the producers actually turned towards the filming style of Bollywood? OO-er. The scenes appear clearer, and last week, well phew, the story was to excellent standards.

We can set the scene; a Black youth suffers fatal injuries after an assault, the initial storyline suggested that those involved were hiding something. The offender is White. Interesting spin, a Black family/kids hiding something? Then came the involvement of the same Black youths in some kind of gang, but only investigations revealed that “INO” meant It’s not OK, it’s not OK to carry knives. Knife crime?

And although one of the lads, the youngest, was carrying a knife and showing off, they were doing this to keep real gangsters away; you know to frighten them off. So, the kids weren’t criminals. Perception?

And then came another spin, god it would make new labour proud, Jacqui would have been foaming, because the police believed the kids were hiding something more the DCI set up surveillance in the house. Wait for it, but the DCI said the only person that didn’t need to know about the surveillance was the FLO, who just happened to be a Black DC, Banksy, the good looking one here above.

Deary us, was there fireworks, as perceptions became real. The DC dissed his D/I politely, then he dissed the DS, there was an almighty row between the DS and DC, a stand off almost, when the DS mentioned the word, Black.

To the producers of the Bill we say excellent work for bringing in issues of knives, and the actual difficult job faced by many Metropolitan Forces. Here in Shireshire we don’t seem to have the same level of you know, knife crime. This episode is an excellent positive plug for the boys and girls of the Met. As for Banksy, he told his bosses, if they couldn’t keep him in the picture, what the F was he doing in the job? He asked some serious questions of the bosses, the bosses knew they were wrong in the way they had treated Banksy, we think, but they didn’t seem to say, “sorry.” And that’s all it really takes. We therefore say to Bill, Please ITV, more of this. You are now on a par with CSI.



  1. Maybe they’ve seen The Wire (BBC2), and realised they need to up their game.

  2. Oh I forgot to add that an innocent White youth that was chased by the police was run over by a HGV as he tried to flee.

    The police felt that this lad had committed the murder, and so did the rest of the kids on the estate. It so happened that he hadn’t, he was running because of a Vodka bottle he tried to pinch.

  3. I dont like it, I agree its all very appropriate and topical but I watch the bill to relax, pick holes with the policing and admire the young female pc’s, I watched it tonight and didnt have a clue what was going on. That said, the idea that the police sometimes have to let cases go and dont always get their man and then off to the pub is improving the realism of the show.

  4. Topical? Yes.

    Appropriate? Yes.

    Relaxing? Dear Lord!

    Letting cases go? I agree.

    The pub? That’s how we deal with the negativity.

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