Recent events affecting Race and Diversity in Policing

August 19, 2009

The Burka wearing cops

I have tired to keep away from the debate surrounding the three female West Yorkshire Officer’s who donned a full Burka outfit in an event entitled, “walk in my shoes.” Was it a social gimmick on behalf of Norman Bettison? Or was it a serious attempt  at getting to feel what it might be like walking the streets and wearing this item. Interestingly the participants revealed that they felt they were  being watched more by security guards in shopping centres and that more people seemed to be looking at them.

Isn’t this what minority ethnic people say anyway. I think the intention behalf of the Force was a bit of a publicity stunt, to pull it through required some commitment, especially against public onslaught. The stunt  may be buried, but it looks good for the HMIC suits. How many other officer’s might have to do this, and indeed in how many other Forces?

Black scarves for all

And what about the issue of issuing Black scarves to Female operational staff in Avon and Somerset.How many scarves will be issued? How many times are we likely to use them? And do the majority of Muslim people actually want female colleagues to wear these in Mosques?

Both issues relate to Islam. On a balance I found it rather interesting that these issues have pee’d people off. Is this anything to do with the prevent strategy? Tell me, anyone any idea what it feels like to be an Injun?


  1. Or was it evidence for promotion ??

  2. Haha, yes!

    Oh wait, you weren’t asking me?

  3. Alas I am humbled as Chapati is back!

    SOC – Yes, yes, some do things just for promotion, get there, and then forget what they did. It’s the promotion card.

  4. Hmmmmmm, I would ask the question, what conformity with Muslimity [have I invented a word here?] is expected of a British citizens in a Muslim country? Is it the same comformity that is expected of Muslims in Britain?

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