Policing Notting Hill

September 2, 2009

Can be a nightmare. I have been away for a bit hence the lack of posting, and I may explain in the next few posts where I have been. Anyway back to Notting Hill, the kids went along this year, a group of kids ranging from 12 to 23. One of the eldest was caught off guard by a group of Black youths, one of whom snatched his chain from around his neck.

The victim then challenged the thief, the thief’s clan then immediately surrounded the offender. The victim asked for his chain back. Really in these circumstances what does one do? My advice would have been, forget the challenge, because when offenders get together like this the chain is worth money to them; they won’t let it go.

The worst case scenario would have meant the offender’s would have viewed the challenge as a threat to them and they could have assaulted the victim. As the title of this post suggests, policing Notting Hill’s criminality must be difficult.

We are damned if we do, because we will inevitably stop innocent Black people, and we are damned if we don’t, because we let Black offender’s get way with this type of criminality.

The Black community must therefore understand that we still have a job to do. My thoughts at the moment are that stereotypes and real incidents force us to police the Black community in a way because there is an element of Black criminality. However, I am still grateful that the victim, a young family member, was not assaulted.

Nonetheless I am still very very angry that  a minority of Black criminals think they are above the law.  If some people in a community continue to commit crimes then we have to consider increasing our use of stop, search, arrest and prosecution.   



  1. Three years ago my level two serial stopped and detained a group of six robbers had the victim and recovered the property.

    Because we would have depleted the available officers and things were heating up we were told in person by the bronze commander for the area to return the property do the relevant checks and let them go!!

    Thankfully the worst thing I had to face this year was two chocolate covered white ladies with designs on my body! Dont mind being winded up but no kisses!!

  2. Good work, your articles are very interesting, I am glad that I googled your blog.

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