How many anti fascist demonstrations have we had recently?

September 14, 2009

(1) Harrow last week.

(2) Birmingham before that.

(3) Luton sometime last year.

Why an increase recently ?

Are these going to increase?

What casualties? Police and civilian?

Have we the resources to tackle these?

Free speech V violence?

What is the beef that fascists have with Islam?



  1. Odd phraseology that rather assumes that an anti-islamic demonstration is necessarily fascist. Is that the case ?

    As an atheist I am opposed to Islam, Christianity, Judaism and other superstitions. Is this necessarily fascist ?

  2. I find the whole idea rather ironic that ‘anti-fascists’ are protesting against those that protest against Islam.

    In case you were not aware, Twining; Islam is

    a) A religion, therefore a load of bollocks.
    b) Really quite fascist. (Read the koran if you don’t believe me).

  3. Read your own headline, dear boy! The violent agitators were ANTI-FASCIST demonstrators. i.e. muslims. Sent, in case you didn’t know, by their ‘religious leader’ to confront peaceful demonstrators! None so blind as they who do not want to see!

  4. Anti fascist means it is standing against fascism.

    Er….Those protesting against Islam just happned to contain alot of BNP supporters I am led to believe.

    Why were the violent agitators anti fascist? What were they having a go at Dear Boy? Fascism perhaps? Are you saying the BNP peaceful demonstrators don’t actually, by their presence, cause hatred?

  5. “Those protesting against Islam…..” Bollocks! Idle and lieing words to smear the BNP. If ANY were BNP, you and the newspapers would be screaming it out loud, with pictures to support it.

    As it is……name some! If you can.

    What were they having a go at???? Are you blind? They were having a go at indigenous Brits. A bit bleeding obvious!

    “BNP….by their presence, cause hatred?” Well, it does seem that these muslims are not very well received either, doesn’t it?


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