Dickie -Dear boy!

September 17, 2009


This was in Harrow. I guess none of the above protesters are BNP or potentially BNP Dickie.


The above was in London. From the salute, I guess none are potential BNP candidates.


And finally, members of the English Defence League.

Dickie, do you still think I am making it up that right wing elements were marching against Islam and that protesters protested against this right wing fascism?


  1. As always, you are twisting what has been said. READ WHAT WAS SAID! I challenged you to show that any were members of the BNP. You can’t, and like the establishment, you are trying to say that any right-wing demo is BNP. Wake up, man. You could very easily say that all the islam extremists are Labour supporters – which they undoubtedly are! Showing photographs of some protesters and assigning YOUR label to them is simply a form of deceit – or, if you like, telling lies.

    Proving a connection between some protesters and the BNP party can only be done by saying that they vote BNP – which over one million people do. Proving a link between these so-called anti-fascist demonstrators and the Labour party is quite simple. Try using the UAF for starters! And whilst you are at it, do check on the leaders of the UAF!! You are gonna be surprised, man!

  2. Policing works on reasonable suspicion and intelligence Dickie.

    The above look like right wing fascist acitivists to me.

    Of course I can’t for sure say they are BNP but they protested against Islam and the BNP are actively having a go at Islam.

    Deduction, not lies!

  3. ‘Police work on reasonable suspicion and intelligence…’

    So you are saying that ANYbody who protests against islamification of OUR country is a right-wing fascist?

    Applying that sort of ‘intelligence’ probably sums up our police!

    The one point that you and your friends are nicely ignoring, of course, is that Harrow was a peaceful demo – until your ‘friends of islam’ decided otherwise. Now, if ‘friends of islam’ had a demo that was attacked by right-wingers, then you would be screaming for action to be taken against them.

    Sorry, Twiners ol’ boy, but you are typical of today’s ‘one-way’ action demanders. I believe in EQUAL justice. Not ‘justice’ determined by slightly biased people!

  4. Looks like a typical Saturday football crowd to me. I wouldn’t know these were pictures of EDL marches without the commentary.

    Skinhead != BNP

  5. You miss the point Dickie. Freedom of speech has it’s consequences. The right wing hide in amongst the masses, they are core to the protests against Islam.

    Their agenda is hate. Anyone in that group who marched with no hate in their mind I have no issues with. And as for freedom of speech you might note that these “hidden” racists have onle one thought in mind, hurt. “One way” action demander, my foot.

  6. Do you honestly fear that Britain will become Islamic or something?

  7. Skinhead doesn’t necessary equal BNP. And I never said it did.

  8. ‘Anybody who marches with hate in his mind…’ Of course, the violent islamists who were sent out in Harrow to ‘confront’ the protestors, intended to love them to death, I suppose!

    ‘Do you think Britain will become Islamist…’ I’d say that there is a better than even chance, should we have any more socialist government!

    ‘Skinhead doesn’t mean BNP.’ You most certainly implied it when you said that anybody who is anti-Islam is extreme right. i.e. BNP.

    It’s no good, Twiners, I’m afraid that you have been brainwashed by our establishment! For goodness sake, sit down and have a cuppa.

  9. Dickie, Dickie, there is a difference I think, between the term Islamist and Islam. The former refers to an ideology and might be rooted in fundemtalism.

    Read the book, “The Islamist” if you get a chance. Not all Muslims believe in terrorism.

    I never said that anybody that is anti Islam is extreme right. What I am saying is the extreme right are hiding behind the type of fears you and others might hold about Islam.

    And Islamic rebels are as bad as the right wing.

    Did you say Tea?

  10. My understanding was the BNP and this lot were not linked.

    The EDL would appear to have a football firm element.

    A lot of the firms have VEM people in their midst, so not to liking of BNP.

    They of course still benefit from all this.

    Hate Hate all round .. very negative vibe.

    Let them protest then ignore them if you don’t like it. Hoards of people running about and throwing stuff at the police .. not good.

  11. ‘Islamic rebels are as bad as the right wing….’

    Maybe so, but neither is as bad as the left wing. And several of our government were members of the communist party! Think about that, my friend!


    20 million killed………


  12. SOC I agree. Hate not good for us at all.

    1980’s round the corner again.

    Where hate is allowed freedom of speech rarely benefits anyone but those that hate.

    As I said the BNP and other right wing groups will revel in hating Islam. What about the innnocent Muslim or Asian person?

    It’s a joke. Ban the marches, then there would be no anti marches.

    Some of the right wing perpetrate hate and killing. How can that equate to the left wing? Dickie….ARGHHH!

    Have you read the book yet?

  13. Dickie, you Dinosaur you!

  14. “How can that equate to the left wing?????”

    Didn’t you read, Twiners? L-E-F-T- W-I-N-G = 20 MILLION DEAD!

    “Adler, N., Victims of Soviet Terror, 1993 cites these:

    Chistyakovoy, V. (Neva, no.10): 20 million killed during the 1930s.

    Dyadkin, I.G. (Demograficheskaya statistika neyestestvennoy smertnosti v SSSR 1918-1956 ): 56 to 62 million “unnatural deaths” for the USSR overall, with 34 to 49 million under Stalin.”
    Left wing, Twiners. Which is what this government and their followers are! You seem to think that right wing = poison, and left wing = goodness.

    ‘Fraid not, Ol’ Boy! That is what the establishment want gullible people to think!

  15. The EDL has repeatedly stated that they are not BNP. Indeed, a search on youtube will show that the EDL carry placards with ‘Black & White Unite’, and a black man from the EDL was interviewed by an Asian reporter. The EDL have done everything by the book. That is, informed the police of their intentions etc. That cannot be said of the UAF.

    The UAF are the ones who you remember literally attacked Nick Griffin. No matter what you think about Griffin’s policies, he is a member of the public and an elected MEP in a democratic. He was articulate in his response saying ‘everyone has the right to demonstrate in a democracy’. For what it is worth, I am not a supporter of the BNP. However, the mainstream media as usual showed the events in Harrow and Birmingham from one side. If you recall, it was the UAF and muslims who went on the rampage throwing missiles at the police.

    Oh and as for the Islamification of the UK. No I dont think it will happen. But you have people like Anjem Choudrary saying that ‘one day the flag of Islam will fly over Downing Street’

  16. Anjem Choudrary, hmm, what does he mean? That the flag will fly or that a flag will fly?

  17. The UAF are protesting against free speech which pursues hatred and conflict.

  18. Then they should protest against themselves – the worst of evils!

  19. What, whilst other innocent people of the colour Brown get assaulted?

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