What NightJack might have done if he was Chief Constable?

September 25, 2009
  1. Find a fine balance between PCSO’s and warranted officers.
  2. Streamline Senior Officer ranks. One Chief, One DCC, one ACC. In most Forces the saving in salaries would employ another 9 Constables.
  3. Streamline Chief Super ranks. Just get rid of at least 4 of these Corporate bods releasing erm 6 Constables.
  4. Reduce the number of police staff members who simply have no idea about policing but employ themselves in role purely to increase the number of police staff in police organisations. Make defunct the role of HR Director, and their side kicks; they are simply the worst bullies. Re-deploy them as HR Manager. That would employ an extra 3 Constables. Then NightJack might further redeploy the whole of the HR machinery. Just rid the service of this boll – – – – of a function.
  5. Close down left wing diversity Units. Removing the secretariat would allow for employing an extra 4 Constables.
  6. Er then redeploy those Federation bods that are hand in hand with the Chiefs. (3).
  7. And finally forthwith reduce in rank the Staff Officer’s to Chiefsies. (3).

    One comment

    1. If only Twinning. Unfortunately, ‘they’ smear and shun effective boss coppers, rather than learning from them.

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