Anjem Choudary. Who is he?

September 27, 2009

anjem choudhary

The individual at the centre of  the picture above is someone we here, at the now esteemed and recognised Twining Chronicles, would describe as a militant Islamic extremist; in other words a racist bigot.

Let us explain why.

A follower of the other extremist, Omar Bakri, Choudary was responsible partly in relation to the protests at Luton against home coming soldiers. Ooo.

His views towards homosexuality are that homosexuals should be stoned to death. Oo-er.

Not always a stern follower of his extreme brand of Islam, Chodary in his student days was pictured swigging beer, cavorting with women and puffing a cannabis joint. Whoo-hoo!

This man is not a nice man and we have no problems in suggesting that in fact he is a big ass but we would still like to invite him for tea and biscuits!




    Your misconduct today, Sunday 27th September included the soliciting of violence against me and a variety of libelling statements broadcast across the Internet by yourself, inclusive of a posting on PLANET POLICE, together with libelling statements and threats you have incited others to make. You intentionally published this libel on your blog ‘Inspector Gadget’ and PLANET POLICE with a view to discrediting and harming me.

    On Monday 28th inst unprecedented steps in formal complaint procedure against police will be taken against a yet unknown identity by virtue of formal complaints lodged with a number of UK police forces. Related assistance will be sought from Press and MP’s to accelerate the process of your identification and the identification of commenters to the offending post, including a commenter ‘LURCHER’ to a substituted article at 2:48pm.

    By way of entirely separate proceedings, those acting on my behalf will contact you directly.

    You may wish to inform your publishers of its contents as soon as practicable.

    Dr M T Gray
    27th September

  2. Come again? This has lost me.

  3. Hi Sgt Twining,

    I was obliged to use your post on Planetpolice to place this notice as close to the libellous ‘Gadget’ articles preceding it.

    ‘Gadget’ (very dishonestly for a policeman), removed the above notice before delivering his edited version to Planetpolice editors and this deception denied the latter any warning.


  4. This bloke “Gray” has been trawling police and other blogs posting this entry. Not sure of what led up to it, missed the posts that preceded this.

    No doubt IG had a few choice words for him and he wasn’t too pleased. From his recent posts it’s clear he thinks of himself as a self proclaimed king of civil liberties.

    Any copper with balanced views would be only too pleased to enter into informed debate about policing, but this bloke is clearly anti police and incapable of commenting without his obvious prejudices showing their ugly face.

    Haven’t yet seen a post of his that any right minded person could treat seriously. Just hope his rants against IG don’t warrant any wasted police time.

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