Sergeant Delroy Smellie

September 28, 2009


…..is to be charged with assault. The CPS say there is enough evidence to prosecute.  The officer has been served with a summons and is currently suspended.

And how the victim appears so calm, collected and effortlessly superior; not that she provoked the Sergeant in any way, oh no.

I don’t think she was ranting or anything like that, or abusive, or in the face of the officer or that this altercation was beginning to rile other protesters against the police…..such that the public order incident was in danger of getting worse.

Common sense appears not to prevail here and the service, ACPO and the Federation do not appear to have the balls to say officers may use reasonable force. The perpetrator in this, from the video evidence we have seen, appears to have been  the victim; who now magically appears to have grown a silver tongue.



  1. Girls mouth off like that to their teachers. The teachers are not allowed to give them a good hiding. So why is it OK for coppers?

  2. Another whiff of racism here, old chap.

  3. Good luck to him.

    He’s obviously going to be made a scapegoat by management and by politicians.

    ACPO will never stand up for him and it’s blatently obvious his bosses have no balls either.

    Hopefully his real colleagues will stand by him.

    Its an awful feeling when he’s been shafted like this.

    Go sick with stress and get a good barrister is the best advice I could give.

  4. Since when was it reasonable force to hit somebody who shouted at you?

    Also, I think a police officer striking a protestor for shouting would be more likely to cause the crowd to become violent than a protestor shouting, especially at a protest about police officers hitting people.

  5. What did the SGT do wrong? Having given strong verbal commands which very ignored,(whilst he was being called scum). He employed the officer safety model and escalating levels of force and continued to tell the women to get back! She ignored the instructions and was intent on trying to break a cordon on a group containing hard core troublemakers. Looks like senior management, (usually they have limited public order experience cos its not pink and fluffy enough for promotions forms), have already decided he can be thrown to the wolves as a sacrifical lamb! Thus avoiding any blame cast in their direction!

    • She was having a go at the police for stopping people leaving an area, they were letting people from her side through. Looks like the police were kettling a lawful protest which puts them in the wrong.

  6. It was obvious he would get away with it, the police get away with murder so a little bit of clubbing is hardly going to get punished is it?

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