Do you recognise the yob below?

October 2, 2009

Like most of the country we have been watching the Fiona Pilkington case as the Coroner’s findings have been revealed. But for the grace of God this could have been any Force in the country where a victim commits a double suicide because of many factors that are affecting their lives, some of which were clearly bullying, harassment and continuous anti social behaviour. One of the tormentor’s is pictured below. We found this picture on the internet. These people don’t look cool anymore.


Picking on vulnerable people appears to be a theme within all hate crime sadly.

We also have hit on very good authority that the Home Secretary, Alan Johnson, has intimated that the timing of the Coroner’s findings in this case, revealed so close to the Labour party’s conference, was politically insensitive. Only a politician would come out with such “bollocks.”

Dealing with ASB is important because it affects people’s lives and yobs like this one here, and perhaps their parents and families, can’t seem to get this in their heads. Perhaps it’s time to ask:

The Council.

(1) What is the purpose and objectives of partner agency meetings in relation to ASB?

(2) Are the minutes an accurate reflection that nothing positive occurred?

(3) How many people does the Council employee in tackling this type of anti social behaviour? How many managers? How many staff? How much funding does this team get?

(4) Why did the Council leader suggest they first heard of the family in 2007 when in fact records show that the Council had heard of The Pilkington’s in 2004? Lies?

The Police.

(1) What exactly do Hate Crime Leads, presumably there is one in each Force, do? In this case did they have any dealing over this case; after all they are Specialists? If not, why not?

(2) The obvious question is why disability hate was not picked up?

Is it, as Gadget says, because we would have picked it up had the family been Muslim? Or could this have happened anywhere, as we think, even in Ruralshire?

(3) Could the police have enforced though charging the “rats” quicker or any other way.

(4) What planet is the Supt, that gave evidence, on?

Social Services.

(1) Why does it appear like they did very little? Why did they not pick up that Francesca had learning difficulties and this was disability hate? After all, in terms of community care they are the people experts. Where, then, were they?

Alas, none of this will bring Fiona or Francesca Pilkington back.  But people who abuse people because they are in some way different need to be brought to a swift manner of justice if we are ever going to be able to make sure that they don’t continue to abuse vulnerable people. The public expect us, as Gadget suggests, to be mediators and everything, and front line officer’s are forever chasing their tails by going from job to job. There seems to be little thought about this fact.

Somehow we have to distinguish between low level ASB and high level ASB, and get these yobs off the streets until they stop harassing people. Let’s put them before a court, and let’s do this time and time again. At some stage the yobs will have to grow up. If we do nothing then there are already calls that private companies and individuals will take the law into their own hands.



  1. It’s easier for the authorities to go after the law abiding, than the law breakers:

    Surveillance teams on parents re school catchment areas,

    bin bugs,

    going after coppers looking after each others kids etc.

    And when the public do confront these yobs, they get beaten, or worse, killed by the yobs. Or done by the authorities.


    There appears to be a dearth of personal responsibility in this country at the moment, and it starts at the top.

  2. Bring back the birch.

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