The row continues….

October 4, 2009

Compare and contrast. Two statements about the same issue. Two police leaders, yet both are different. One a politician, another with humility. Day in day out police officers are chasing their tails as the politicians keep changing what it is that they want in terms of measuring police performance. We are not sure that the service can say anymore at this moment in time. It’s time for politicians to answer.

Matt Baggott.


The man who was Chief Constable of Leicestershire at the time of the Fiona Pilkington tragedy is to be challenged to apologise by the politicians who gave him his new post as Northern Ireland police chief because of his “expertise” in community policing.

Matt Baggott, has twice stopped short of apologising for the role of his former force in the case. In a statement yesterday Mr Baggott, 50, used to handle neighbourhood policing for the Association of Chief Police Officers. Oo.

Basil McCrea, an Ulster Unionist Member of the Northern Ireland Assembly and member of the Province’s policing board, said that Mr Baggott should apologise. “The premise of his coming here was his expertise in community policing.” Oh well?

Chris Eyre.

“We are extremely sorry that at times our actions failed to meet the family’s needs and in respect of that there are things we would have done differently. I would like to offer my unreserved apologies to the family, community and wider public.”

We thought neighbourhood policing was what we always have done. We have had beat officer’s since time immemorial, now we have neighbourhood beat officers; the same thing really? And now we have PCSO’s. This neighbourhood beat concept is nothing new really is it?


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