Swansea – “Transvestites” – not quite

October 7, 2009

How we chuckled when we read in the canteen today how two thugs who chose to pick a fight were surprised when the two cross dressers, (their victims),  in Swansea turned out to be real “cage fighters.”

A pasting was then had! These blokes were not as wimpish as the two thugs originally thought.

CCTV captured the two “thugs,” er we mean victims, weaving in a dazed fashion nearby whilst the two cross dressers scuppered off in their heels; one of them even having time to pick up his handbag.



There are some serious lessons to learn from this incident for MEN, we think.

(1) You should never pick on a woman who looks like a man; for it might actually be a man you are picking on.

(2) And most definitely, you should THINK more carefully about picking on a man dressed as a woman.

(3) Finally, perhaps you should not pick on women.


One comment

  1. If if no.4 alone is not enough…(5) there are women out there who do martial arts and will put you down hard!

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