Daily Mail – shame on you – Journalist Jan Moir – awful article from you re: Gately

October 18, 2009


The boy has only just gone and some of the Great British journalists are doing their thing. The Daily Mail, shame on you. It is becoming unpalatable that the press think they can get away with printing rubbish that hurts people. See below.

In the column about the gay singer’s death, Moir wrote: “Healthy and fit 33-year-old men do not just climb into their pyjamas and go to sleep on the sofa, never to wake up again. Whatever the cause of death is, it is not, by any yardstick, a natural one.”

Moir defended her opinion piece, which ignited a huge debate on networking sites such as Twitter. She issued a response in which she branded suggestions of homophobia as “mischievous” and claimed the backlash was a “heavily orchestrated internet campaign”.

And she signed off: “For once again, under the carapace of glittering, hedonistic celebrity, the ooze of a very different and more dangerous lifestyle has seeped out for all to see.”



  1. Nasty, spiteful, pucker-mouthed woman. It seems that simple good manners (“don’t speak ill of the dead”) escape her.

    It’s a shame about Steve.

  2. Could be just sudden adult death. Some journalists need to be more humble sometimes and let people RIP.

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