Anjem is upto his silliness again

October 30, 2009



Have a look. This is really sad.

There is a march tomorrow by Anjem asking for Sharia Law to be brought to the UK. (Spooky, it’s on the day after Halloween).

The march is in London. This man is as ignorant and as bigoted as Nick Griffin.

He asks for everyone to convert to Islam, (but I don’t want to convert Anjem), knocking every other faith that exists, ( I’m happy being Indian).

Anjem’ s interpretations of Islam are pretty potty I am afraid.

The website has even posted how Buckingham Palace would look under Islamic rule;

(But Anjem I like the way it looks now).

If I had a chance I would remove this and other website’s professing a lack of cohesion.

Anjem is another dangerous extremist.

I would like to ask Anjem whether he would humour me and attend one of my race and diversity courses.

And here I am looking for what it is you are trying to achieve Dear boy.

Anjem I would like to award you with an infamous Twining Gong.




  1. The man has an active fantasy life, to say the least.

    How many Muslims in the UK? About a million or so?
    How many non-Muslims? About 60 million or so.
    Sharia Law in the UK? Sorry, numbers say “no!”

    Maybe walking it off in the fresh, bracing air of a traditional English drizzle will calm him and his dotty friends down.

  2. Agreed Chris. He has the same brain ability as Griffin.

    Not many supporters? Same as Griffin.

    Virtually wants his own state? Same as Griffin.

    And believes in superiority of one faith/colour.

    In other words both are extremists.

  3. Shame we can’t put them (Griffin, Anjem et al) on their on little island and leave them to it!

  4. Own little island, sorry.

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