The Twining Chronicles gets yet another SUPERB review

November 6, 2009


We, here at The Chronicles, have had a review in a book, yes a book, and no ordinary book either; it’s a hard back book at that. Oh my word. This is what Professor Simon Foldaway, a leading expert in police community and race relations, had to say about The Twining Chronicles; your daily or weekly review on issues that affect British policing.

“As I write this final chapter I received two emails that sum up what seem to be the most appropriate points to make about their present situation.  One email from a ‘blogger’, a police sergeant from ‘Shireshire’, who writes a pretty pithy blog about current events in policing, reminded me of the positive changes brought by BPAs

(https://twining.wordpress.com/).[1] He had found a resume of my research findings and wrote the following in his blog,”

‘Just some thoughts for you Mr Holdaway. . . . . . ‘Black police associations (BPAs) represent a significant and successful change within British policing and warrant continued support in order to meet their objectives. A new study led by Professor Simon Holdaway of black police associations and the organisation of ethnicity within the workforce points not only to the importance of BPA’s but also highlights……’’

Well Mr Foldaway, that’s a picture of me above. I am indeed from a place known only as Shireshire; where the weather is cold, gloomy and raining, like most places in this country at this time. However, in Shireshire criminality is so bad that even the cats roaming the streets where hoodies. But what is this? I say, a pithy blog, a pithy blog? Thank you to Mr Foldaway. There will be more coming up in the posts to follow as I peruse some of the good Professor’s views.




  1. This the man?


    Reads more like a professional cringer, to me….

  2. Oi- be nice.

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