Assault on justice

November 10, 2009


Did anyone see Panorama yesterday? The bits we saw showed a woman, above, who had been severely bitten on the hand, (leaving a scar), and beaten about the eye, (leaving long-term trauma). And the offender, well they were given a caution for assault actual bodily harm. Don’t know whether this was domestic related, and/or whether the victim knew the attacker. A second case involved a man who was hit, whilst in a night club, across the forehead with an aftershave bottle, (a weapon). The resultant injury left long-term scarring and several stitches to the front of the forehead. Remarkably in this case also the offender was given a caution for assault actual bodily harm.

Having looked at both cases we wonder what were the offences actually classified as? Actual bodily harm (a lesser assault), or grievous bodily harm, (resulting in bad juju.) An ex CPS Lawyer was left numbed that the advice of the CPS was not sought in either case. Recording the assault as an ABH indicates that we live in a world which is reasonably safe, whilst recording as GBH adds to the soaring crime figures of violent crime. Recording as an ABH means that violent crime figures fall, showing just how good our current managers are, and assisting them in further promotion, (preferably outside their own Force Area where they continue to wreck policing and make further silly decisions designed to show they are doing a good job whilst leaving their previous Force and the service in dire straits). And so the games continue. This is not a pithy blog.

But it is the disposal decision that is like, er, what the? The Home office bods that devised this rough justice refer to it as “fast track.” we wonder how many disposals are dealt with via the penalty notice route. It would take a police leader with Kahunas to say both offenders should have been charged, (and we don’t have many with any kahunas), but then our magistrates don’t have the time and foresight to hear cases, and then our prisons are full, so when the offender is sanctioned, where do we send them? We can no longer send offenders to Australia.  This is truly rough justice. Our leadership, NPIA, and Bramshill are full of leaders with no kahunas.



  1. During the early sixties, Newspaper stories rarely contained any serious criticism of police and to deride them on television was taboo. This was the decade when we idolised Sgt. Dixon. Every Village Sergeant had a trusted and well respected social position.

    How things have changed, Sgt T. The police image is taking hits at an exponentially growing rate from all quarters and the public has all but lost faith. Certain police blogs appear to enjoy exacerbating the growing hostility.

    Taking the panoramic view of the Panorama programme, it really doesn’t matter that the actual culprits of the rough justice were senior police looking after their interests. What was vividly imprinted on millions of memories is the image of police who could not give a four X.

  2. Twining, you cynic. You clearly do not see the bigger picture.

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  4. Lots of barren islands in Scotland.

  5. Oh I get it now; instead of cautionning offenders we should ship them to Scotland, but that’s not good to our Scottish neighbours?

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