Simon Holdaway – Our review of his review of us continues…here at The Twining Chronicles

November 14, 2009

lawhodAt the Twining Chronicles we WILL perhaps now continue in our review of your review of us, Mr Holdaway. Where shall we start? Well first thing is first, you are welcome here but Bloody hell, is your book expensive or what? In your musings you continued in your final chapter, “These two emails sum up the fundamental context within which BPAs have been working since their inception……Serious problems of race relations persist within constabularies and much remains to be done.”

Mr F, hell no, not serious problems, no one will die, will they if we don’t get this right? Surely not, surely no Black person could die, or surely no police officer could die if we get this subject wrong. Problems exist, of course they do. Ian Blair was one such problem, but he wasn’t the only one.  He was totally PC, a do gooder with no concept of reality. it’s about time he went and fought for a position in the Whitehouse. BPA’s were set up in that police leaders were pushed into accepting them. Society only tries to do things in relation to Black disadvantage when pushed, otherwise it doesn’t really seem to matter.

Er let us see, there was Stephen L, and before that the 1980’s riots, er then we had knife crime, and now gang and firearm crime? The fact is we didn’t really want BPA’s, but then we don’t want any group. Our bosses today cannot see beyond their noses, (and their personal career goals), they think and they sell that they have achieved as far as race equality is concerned, but they forget that the NEW Black now is, wait, wait, it’s coming to us, it’s EASTERN EUROPEAN and African, (Somalian for example). We are afraid that even our Diversity Unit walas are PC people.

Likewise the National Muslim Police Ass. was set up because the same type of managers, all be it perhaps younger, didn’t know what to do, and they couldn’t get intelligence from the community. Doh, because terrorssts don’t even tell their families. Did we say, “ass,” well we meant ASS in this case.  “Ooo,” thought these new hippy Chiefs as they met in Whitehall, “what are we going to do now? about prevent. These immigrants are rioting and looting! And now a sub minority of the Black community are involved in terrorism? The want to convert us English, and bring in Sharia.  We know let’s set up a Muslim Police Ass.  We’ll give them a cushy office, a mobile phone, and pay for hotels and sat navs. Hell, they can even sell the sat navs just like the NBPA did.”

“These two emails sum up the fundamental context within which BPAs have been working since their inception. The Met remains a hot house with a very active BPA that, I suspect, is an irritant to its chief officers. There is something fundamentally wrong with the culture and work of the Met that festers beneath the surface, being lanced by periodic, damaging cases of discrimination in employment and incidents of poor relations with minority communities. BPAs throughout the country will continue finding themselves dealing with discrimination and prejudice. Their work of challenging disadvantage will continue.”

Now now, steady on Mr F, Professor, sir, The Met remains a hot house? A hot house? True research will show that any BPA that have any kahunas will be deemed to be an irritant; irritants are like a pain, and as we all know, what happens when we have a pain? We are not saying the Met BPA is always right, or that it has kahunas. The Met BPA has also been staffed by some incompetent people also. Note: The National BPA co-ordinator came from the Met. He couldn’t speak or string a sentence to create a readable report. Alas this mish mash is democracy at it’s worst, its PC at it’s worst, and its not really progress.

The answer seems to be here, below, where people like Stephenson and Dick, and Baggott  and Bettison have buried it. There will be someone someday that gives these politicians a good kick up the backside for burying their heads.


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