The Chronicles of Blair….

November 15, 2009


“Say no to private policing, but please buy my book, ” he says…..He has thought long and hard about his book , though he perhaps didn’t like the musings of gadget and other bloggers, who were writing blogs. And perhaps he tried to stop his Met bloggers with ruthless dictats. Yes he  and his PSD scared a few off. It’s a free world for Blair though. And of course he seemed to have a kind love for Ghaffur, and of course he didn’t have a dedicated boardroom consisting of his trusted golden circle. Now, me, I don’t love Ghaffur, because I think he forgot who he was on the way up and he simply looked after himself; a bit like Blair.

Of course Blair wouldn’t have known every detail of what was happening in the Stockwell case; he left that up to Hayman and Dick, one has gone and one is sooo quiet now.  After all Blair was the highest paid officer in the Met, the public shouldn’t expect anything from that role. Apparantly Ian has to live with Stockwell every day. Has he no clue that the front line officers have to live with this every day, that their families have to live with this, and that when his golden circle blew some of us out, that we have to  live with his incompetence and that of his senior team, EVERY DAY, because they are effortlessly superior; they can choose not to listen to us.  What Ian doesn’t realise is that whilst he can wrap himself up in speak and memoirs the front line has suffered. And Ian, Sergeant Twining never has and never will believe in you because you are soo ergonomical with the truth.


  1. Was Sir John Stevens the last Met Comissioner to be a proper policeman who had a sound operational background?

  2. Met anon, you have nailed this one brilliantly. Sir John Stevens was probably one of a kind, caring, compassionate, yet no fool. He was the last leader of any substance.

    Of all the leaders perhaps this one was significant in what he achieved. From what I recall he never pandered to PC pressures.

    He stood his ground, but he also gave fairly to minority ethnic people. Blair didn’t know what he was doing, but sadly there are many like Blair, and they continue to wreck policing.

  3. The Metropolitan Police has had excellent Commissioners to name two, Lord Imbert and Sir John Stevens – hard acts to follow.

  4. If I recall both these characters brought in some discipline.It is this that has gone. And Stevens deserved respect; Blair demanded it.

  5. I met Lord Imbert recently – unfortunately in poor health but what a lovely man.

  6. Paul Stephenson has an uphill struggle. I hope he makes it.

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