Guess who this is?

November 27, 2009

There will be a prize for the anyone who can come up with a reasonable and funny suggestion of a serving police leader that this might depict and why?



  1. OK,it’s not Inspector Gadget.

  2. And no, it’s not Acting Sergeant PC Bloggs.

  3. Although she is cuter than Gadget!

  4. So, the question is, which police colleague twinkles their eyes like this ass from Shrek?

  5. And before anyone says it, it cannot be any HR Director in any of the 43 Force’s.

    Although they may twinkle their eyes, none are cute. To be cute one has to be loved.

    Name me any, er, HRD that is loved for what they stand for?

    See there are none. And for that matter you may exclude any HR staff.

    None of them are cute either.

  6. Could it be Peter Fahy?

  7. Because he wants all of us to have some sort of degree. Or is he just an ass?

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