The Career Sergeant – shit doesn’t go upwards…

December 4, 2009

Just had a colleague Sergeant call and ask how much time would it take to create another 40,000 incidents a year and at what cost. The Inspector, the Chief Inspector and the Supt and Chief Supt all had this query on their desk for months, and all of a sudden it’s been handed down to the Sergeant, who has had less than 24 hours to prepare an answer for the top team in the Force so that they can decide whether employing 2 other employees is worth the cost. If it all goes belly up in the presentation no doubt it will be the Sergeant that takes the wrap. I did say to the Sergeant that he needs to ask the top team:

(1)    Why has he been given just 24 hours to give them an answer?

(2)    Should he carry a broom stick up his **** as well?

(3)    Why can’t they wait 18 months so that this could be tied into a new system avoiding all costs?

Why is it that the career Sergeant always carries the can for the management speaking cha walas who are seeking to move up the cha wala ladder?



  1. The SMT’s were probably too busy working out which of them should change the light bulb that had just blown? Will changing this light bulb advance my career? Will I be contravening health & safety by changing it without being trained? What are the cost implications of me changing it? Can I create a powerpoint presenter and set of flow charts to illustrate how best to twist the bayonet mount? I know, I’ll ring the guys at ACPO, they know everything. . . .

    What a load of old sh!t. Why is the sgt being asked to prepare the answer? What’s the purpose of the question in the first place? For christ sake, if the SMT don’t have a system or formula for determining resources and costs by now, what hope do they have of defending themselves against the proposals for greater accountability to local authorities. Sounds like another poxy box ticking bureaucratic part of the empire building. Lets set the little sergeant a task, he’s got nothing else to do …. Condescending, useless bunch of twats.

    Sorry to rant T! Does make the blood boil how these tw*ts waste money and your valuable time which is scarce enough as it is. Working on an article about senior officer (CC’s in particular) pay at the moment, which might explain why feelings are running so high!

  2. Me thinks the SMT had delegated to a Chief Supt who had delegated downwards. The meeting went ahead.

    The Sergeant said things could be done properly. Guess what.They’ve sent the work back asking the Department to clarify matters.

    Shit goes downwards. The Chief Supt is happy, as is the Supt and C/I. None of them had to answer questions I guess.

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