John Gaunt from The Sun newspaper takes on cowardly Anjem Choudary

January 4, 2010


The Twining Chronicles, as reported also in The Sun newspaper, on 4th January 2010, can reveal that Anjem Choudary and his merry band of Islamic fundamentalists now want to march through Wooton Bassett in protest against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and serving soldiers.

Choudary, who incidentally appears to rely on the Western benefits system, has sent an open letter to families of soldiers killed in the wars urging them to join Islam.  Interviewed by John Gaunt, and Sergeants reps at Federation Conference will know that John Gaunt doesn’t hold back any punches against the establishment, Anjem appeared to remain glum. At this time of the New Year there is no doubt that his behaviour mimics the antics of opposing groups such as the BNP.

Choudary’s tactics may also fuel the fire of racial hatred intent only on harming any settled cohesion. Whilst Anjem remains protected this could back fire in Muslim communities with revenge attacks leaving Anjem able to claim race hatred without acknowledging that he actually started this at this moment in time.

We believe Choudary is treading a very fine line again. We as Asian and Black people must condemn this act of hatred and hope that before too long Choudary is sent to the Arctic, where both he and Nick Griffin can argue the virtues of surviving where there is no richness of the colour of diversity.  The Sun newspaper must also be careful not to ignite hatred against law abiding Muslims.



  1. […] John Gaunt from The Sune newspaper takes on cowardly Anjem … […]

  2. Dear Sgt Twining,

    No regular reader of your posts could be left in any doubt of your dislike of Anjem Choudary. However I expect you to concede that his right to views are in no way inferior to your own.

    For as long as it involves no criminality on Mr Choudary’s part, such rights are sacrosanct in UK law and culture.

    The fascist flavours of Copperfield and Gadget are well known to citizens taking an interest in the demise of UK policing. The increased frequency with which the banned flavouring appears in the posts of other UK police blogs leads me to suspect a degree of cross contamination.

  3. Dr Gray,

    Ok,so we police; that’s our job. I grant Anjem his right to freedom of speech, but when he borders cleverly into racist bigotry then I would deny him and Griffin that right because inadvertently they are responsible for fueliing race hate.

    If I had my way I would lock them up.

    Dislike him – no, I vehemently disagree with any racist not just him, but then tell me, who does agree with racists that are pretty venemous?

    Sgt T Twining

  4. More people would have less problem with Islam if it was not poisoned by wahhabism

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