The alternative Queens Awards 2010 – from The Twining Chronicles

January 8, 2010

Like you, we noted that none of our clan were awarded in the Queen’s Honours.

An Oscar is hereby awarded to Inspector Gadget for his effortless services to policing and satirical embarassment of Chief Officer’s and middle management.

A 2010 honour is awarded to Acting Sergeant Bloggs for services to issues of gender and policing.

In 2010 we also honour an ex DC from the West Midlands, thinblueline, for efforts in raising awareness of the poor state of policing and taking it to MP’s.

We also recognise Sergeant Custerd for efforts in relation to Custody and for keeping us smiling through the year.

A joint award goes to ranter and Dickiebo for generally being a bit Colonial.

All recipients of awards may now use the official initials (AQA), Alternative Queen’s Award, after their names.



  1. Greetings to you Twining and a Happy New Year.

    Do you realise that your article is implying that you are a queen? Is this really so? And if so, queen of where?

  2. Now Ziggy, er there might be a few meanings to this Queen thing. I am straight. However, if I was to be Queen I would want to be Queen of Barbados. It’s just so hot there, and so cold here.

  3. Wot! No Nightjack ?

  4. Gooberman, exactly my point, no Nightjack! He’s gone. They forced him away.

  5. Thanks for my award. Very much appreciated.

  6. Twining I know you. You are indeed a “Queen!

    Hey, Good News, Bad News:

    Good news is that they found Paddicks wallet.

    ….. Bad news is that it had your picture in it, Mate.


  7. Guv, no worries.

  8. Twining,

    The Queen of Barbados? And why not! As you do point out it is lovely and warm. I have a friend who originally hails from Barbados and as he has now retired he has the luxury of wintering over in that lovely island and summers over here in blighty.

  9. Dear agent zig zag,

    I fear the trolls are out again. The contributor MCCM appears to be one and the same who gave Met County Mounty a hard time. Alas….MCCM appears not to like the police and gay people.

    Barbados sounds cool.

    Sergeant T.

    • Sgt. T,

      They are surely not really worthy of notice. Trolls will always exist despite the best efforts of the Billy Goats Gruff!

      Stay safe.

  10. I have a new avatar…

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