***BREAKING NEWS*** Information has been laid that Islam4UK is to be prohibited under the Terrorism Act

January 12, 2010

Having covered the antics of Anjem Choudary and his band of merry men in the past, and in suggesting that these fellows were treading a fine line between criminality and freedom of speech, today to awake to the news that information has been laid to ban the outfit,was well, er good news.

It was a double whammy because we have also heard that some of the protesters in Luton,and again we covered the story well here at The Twining Chronicles, have been found guilty and fined of racially aggravated harassment, alarm, distress for their efforts against soldiers.

Whilst we understand that the defendant left court and stuck the “V” up at everyone, we are intrigued at this element of race hatred. we would argue that singling out soldiers that fight for a western country amounts to hatred against the West; and the West is mainly White, but it does include some people of colour like ourselves. Excellent result.  It would be agood job if we could put away Nick Griffin’s merry man in a similar way!


One comment

  1. I cant see the point, as the same old hate mob will reinvent themselves under another name. Might cost them a bit in new letterheads – thats all.

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