PC Fran Croucher

January 16, 2010

Twining Circular 02/2010

As has been reported by Gadget, Bloggs and others; this colleague was beaten unconscious by 2 people she stopped whilst on mobile patrol.

Get well soon PC Croucher.

Recommendations for Home Office bods:

1. Single crewing doesn’t really work that well.

2. Close the department that suggested single crewing thereby saving funds. We call this modernisation.

3. All police Bloggers could post this image of PC Croucher on their blog, as started by Gadget, to show the Home Office, Government and ACPO they are peeing COLLEAGUES off.



  1. A concise and incisive entry, short enough that anyone can read and quoted until someone actually pays attention.

    I totally agree with you.

    • My apologies, my powers of grammar left me there, I meant to say ‘anyone can read and quote it until …’

  2. Thanks for spreading the word.

    • Every support should be given to the honest in uniform.

      With trials commencing this week for the Kent rapist policeman and Kent drink drive Inspector, corrupt diversions should not eclipse any news concerning apprehension of Fran’s attackers.

      Inspector Gadget serving with Kent Police, perchance?

  3. Your Wish granted – Is it me or have the counties gone overboard on this ? – common sense dictates with all the extras to be on most jobs nowadays that it takes 2 baby – and that’s before OS considerations.


  4. […] CLICK HERE for more information or read about it in Kent Online by CLICKING HERE […]

  5. […] PC Fran Croucher […]

  6. I totally agree with you on single crews, it should not be;
    But now I read shes been arrested….what for please?
    I don’t understand whats going on.

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