A British Muslim soldier has said: “Islamists should treat UK as their own country.”

January 18, 2010

Corporal Mohsin Mughal, 29, criticised organisations such as Islam4UK, saying they were sending out the wrong message and insisted the majority of Muslims value the job the military do.

Interestingly and quite rightly Mr Choudary has been given 24-hour protection by the Met after fears that a far-Right group may be plotting an attack on him.

Corporal Mughal, regional supervisor for Defence Dental Services which provides dental care for the armed forces, said: “I can only condemn the views of this group and others like them. “I’m a serving Muslim in the forces and I am just doing my job. It’s not for soldiers to decide what country to invade or what action to take, that’s up to the politicians.

In the past week we have seen soldiers helping get food to people stranded due to the snow. These people should recognise that.” Corporal Mughal, originally from Pakistan, served in Iraq for three months in 2003.

He added: “There are a minority of people who have a negative perception of the British armed forces, and these tend to be second and third generation Muslims. It’s about time they began treating this country as their own. “They live here in this peaceful country and that’s largely down to the armed forces who protect them.”

Unfortunately the below 5 who were prosecuted for threatening behaviour against British soldiers in Luton don’t share the same sentiments as Corporal Moghul.


OK.so we can ban organisations, and if that fails and these bigots start up under another name, then we ban them again, until we can send them to prison. One way or another bigots should be taken off the streets. The problem  is, we can take 5 men away, but there will be others that take their place sadly. The only other option is to deport them somewhere else, somewhere where they can have Islamic rule, somewhere where there are no state benefits that they can rely upon. These people need to get real. They cannot transpose the rule of Islam on everyone; including Sergeant T Twining.

Good on your Corporal Mohsin.



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