Staff Officer’s, or “brown folder boys”, don’t you just hate them?

January 29, 2010

Bumped into Chiefsies Staff Officer sometime back. They were with a few other upwardly mobile in suits. Overheard a conversation where Staff Officer says, ” They just don’t get it, do they?” Must be hard work carrying a laptop, projector screen and doing a presentation to the top team at Shireshire?

I just smiled and said, “Don’t you folks ever go home?” One of the team responded, and I like this colleague alot, “Doesn’t seem like it.”

Seems to me if you want to guard the border like the two fine colleagues above in the picture, guarding the border between India and Pakistan, you must place yourself and guard the top bosses. I’ve met a few Staff Officer’s my time and they are all the same,you can’t get the truth out of them for love nor money, they become aloof whist in role, they have shiny shoes, creased shirts, and white teeth. And almost all of them have a brown folder in their hand on their travels.

The question is, would you trust them? Not likely. Love the picture above. They are not Staff Officer’s, they are foot soldiers. The difference between a foot soldier and a staff officer is simple, the former walk the walk, the latter simply talk it. Wonder what Gadget thinks of Staff Officer’s? Hope he writes about them some time soon.

Personally, I would like to see the Staff Officer’s get a change in uniform and be identifiable by wearing the red hat above. That would go nicely with their pomp  and fancy attitudes. Perhaps they could get a matching folder and laptop case also.

One comment

  1. Think Orwell said something, referring to the goose-step, about the dodginess of a government being measurable by the absurdity of the parade step of its military. Hadn’t thought that India had a particularly bad government. Perhaps I should think again.

    Or perhaps these are just the guards outside the Ministry of Silly Walks.

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