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February 8, 2010

Perhaps it is time to make some comment about the Ali Dizaie case. We have known Ali for a good few years. He has always been flamboyant but somewhere along the line he lost control.  For the threats that Dizaie had made to his ex, there are plenty of other serving colleagues that have never been dealt with like Ali was. Some matters involving other colleagues perhaps have probably not even been recorded.

The cost of “helios” was horrendous; the scrutiny disproportionate.  Dizaie made mistakes here but was he ever guilty of anything more than malicious communications the first time round? Yet he was pursued and pursued and pursued. The proportionality of operation “Helios” is very questionable.

On this occasion it appears that Dizaie made false allegations against a member of the public and perverted the course of justice.  Just what drives a very senior officer to do this? A Jury found him unanimously guilty.

No doubt Dizaie has been pushed to the limits and a string of ex Metropolitan police officers are coming out at the sight of a “kill” now. Hayman of all people, someone who has no credibility in our opinion from the De Menezes case,  not that he misled anyone of course, needs to be about right about himself before firing shots.

Ex D/I David Michael has also now come out to suggest this was a long time coming but here we believe that people will now bring forth their own agendas in an attempt to rubbish Dizaie’s view on institutional racism and policing.

Dizaie may well be guilty of misconduct and perverting the course of justice, but some of his views on racism are a different matter and should remain acknowledged. We feel we as a service should not lose sight of some of what Dizaie has said about racism in the community and terrorism.

However, it will be interesting to see just what the NBPA come out with.



  1. Hello Twining,

    What did Dizaei say about racism in the community and terrorism? I for one would like to be enlightened. I don’t like the way that the muslim populace of this country or elsewhere for that matter have all been labeled as supporting terrorism. But then the English/British media and establishment have historically been very good at that kind of thing. In recent decades it was the Irish who were branded as such.

    I look forward to your reply. And if you don’t want to reply in a public forum a missive to my esoteric account would be fine.


    Agent Zig Zag

  2. Finding a real witch in the act of boiling eye of newt and toe of frog, was an unusual conclusion to a witch hunt. For him to be caught thus must have seemed like precipitant manna to his critics. The deafening gloats cannot reduce an utterly fair and above board result.

    There are many who have not enjoyed this result, now knowing a long standing confidence in the Commander as a potentially great police reformist, was totally misplaced.

    Yet even the guileless will not overlook the certainty that many worse criminals are still in uniform because they were never hunted with the same zeal.

  3. Twining I rarely read your blog as I feel it’s quite agenda biased but you’ve actually outdone yourself here. Save whatever respect you still have in the blogosphere and stop defending this man, he only ever was interested in his own career and how he could advance it.

  4. Never met him but my L2 serial was kept on by him after the match had finished for a debrief at a CHELSEA game supervisors only of course! There was no need or requirement for it it was an uneventful game!! Can’t help but think that his demise is the best thing to happen for the BPA more of the BME colleagues I work with are likely to join it now!!! I always thought an association was there for its members not the advancemnt of a member of its leadership hope that there is no collateral fallout for BPA members that supported him out of loyalty to the asociation and its principle.

  5. Sgt T – I do like his shirt ….

    How did he ever get to the Met? TVP were I understand very pleased indeed.

    The Senior Management will no doubt be rather content, but is he a true champion for black colleagues? not where I work.

    Who knows about Helios ?? Disproportionate ? Well I don’t know, that information is on a database neither of us will ever see. A murky affair all round

  6. On a happier note Someone has been arrested for the murder of Pc Keith Blakelock

  7. 19 welcome, if by agenda you mean I am talking about my experiences and my slant on things that’s fine. I guess you must have an opinion and agenda too…..Biassed? Well.

    I can definately say I stand for equality; not abuse of power or bullying.

    Met East London welcome.

    SOC – I like his shirt too.

  8. Respect, interesting. The most popular people aren’t always right 19. Underdogs can also be right.

  9. Twining,
    Is he a victim or a thug?,it has nothing to do with his ethnic background. Or is it acceptable to be a thug from an ethnic background?.

  10. I hate the twat and everything he stood for, however, I think Twining’s post is an excellent piece of writing on the subject.

  11. I read your blog occasionally Twining, as you often come across as a bit biased. You are right that he (at one point) stood for equality and the like. That suit got covered in mud long ago now; while helios was a bit disproprortionate, nobody could defend him with a straight face and retain credibility even before the hearing, so damning were the facts by the time this became fully public.

    I have to say what little respect i had floating for the NBPA was firmly flushed upon reading their defence of him even AFTER the verdict was back. What’s it going to take for them to give him a public verbal hanging; a picture of Diazei with a napkin tucked into his shirt chowing down on a newborn baby? It really has become a parody of the kings new clothes parable! It’s a pity, as any equality-focused minority rights organisation that prejudices itself in this way is self-serving, and by definition no longer fufiling it’s mission.

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