Bag carriers continued….The MPA…Men in sharp suits…

March 17, 2010

Well, we’ve been away thinking about what to write and we have a few ideas. Some readers may remember that we use the term brown paper bag carriers for staff officer’s and here is a story we thought we would recount.

Chiefs are pretty much scared of terrorism and after 7/7 there was this big push for the Muslim Police Association. The Chiefs in Shireshire decided to meet with Muslim officer’s and staff, and all of a sudden there was a big drift from the BPA. Muslim officer’s that had been part of the BPA moved over quickly. We contacted the Chiefs office to ask why the BPA had not been consulted or informed of something that may cause a drift and we were advised that we wouldn’t want to upset the Chiefs. Bollocks we thought.

So then the staff officer said that this was all a part of protective services and that the previous BPA, as a Muslim officer was involved anyway. Interesting we thought because for some reason this person had not had the foresight or courtesy to involve or inform us lesser human beings. So we asked in what capacity this person had attended, as the BPA or as te MPA?

The Chiefs feathers were ruffled and the Muslim officer hardly responded. Sadly we decided to disrupt the party but couldn’t, a good time was had by all, a free buffet, and all in the name of trying to get Muslim colleagues to rumble terror in the community. Ain’t that simple though is it? 

It’s easy to predict that the defectors to the MPA will look after themselves, be given a cushy number and then get promoted because of their faith. This is a recipe for disaster and we wouldn’t trust these colleagues as far as we could throw them. Their aim is “their” personal betterment not community engagement. As for the staff officer we knew them once, but all of a sudden they changed over protective services. Bollocks we thought.

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